Thursday, March 15, 2007

King for the Night

I just read an article in the New York Times about how many husbands and wives sleep in separate rooms...and I thought I was unique! I don't do it every night, like the article said some couples do. I was surprised to learn that it is a growing trend.

I'm getting good at it lately though...I know immediately if it is going to be a separate night...once I get into bed...the minute I hear the snoring...that's it...I head straight to the empty bedroom and park myself for the night. I used to try to toss and turn hoping maybe my husband would wake up and stop snoring...but it never worked. Sometimes I'd shake the bed...or shake him...but he would never wake up. I'd even pull the covers so he would have less of the covers...nothing, nada...the snoring continued. But as I got older, especially this past year, I decided...why do this?...why not just leave and move into a room where there is total quiet?

In fact, I bought a new twin mattress for my college daughter's bed so that it was more comfortable for those nights when I have to use her empty bedroom and go my separate way. On those nights when I am actually able to get a few good "ZZZs" I need all the peace and quiet I can get. It's bad enough that I wake in the night for a potty break!

And today the news came out that lifesaver...may have more side effects than I realized...or than I was told. I thought it was only Ambien that caused you to eat in your sleep. I don't care...I won't give up my Lunesta...not sure I would make it to 50 if I was Lunesta-less. I'll put a padlock on the fridge or kitchen before I give up my Lunesta...and I promise never to take Lunesta while I'm driving home late at night (as the warning will now read...why anyone would ever do this I have no idea).

According to the National Sleep Foundation's 2005 Sleep in America poll of all adults, women are more likely than men to have difficulty falling and staying asleep and to experience more daytime sleepiness at least a few nights/days a week. Did anyone ever tell them that one of the reasons we can't get to sleep is because our husbands snore?

The National Sleep Foundation website did have some helpful tips to recommend...nothing on snoring husbands...but a few standard tips. Here's what they suggest if you have difficulty with your sleep for any reason:

1. Exercise regularly, but finish your workout at least three hours before bedtime. Exercise may relieve some PMS symptoms and increase the amount of deep sleep.

2. Avoid foods and drinks high in sugar (including honey, syrup), caffeine (coffee, colas, tea, chocolate), and alcohol before bedtime. Caffeine and alcohol disturb sleep. Caffeine can also contribute to premenstrual bloating. Nicotine may make it difficult to fall asleep and lead to fragmented sleep. It can also put you at risk for cancer and heart disease. Avoid large meals and limit fluid intake before bed. Try a healthy snack so you are not too full or too hungry.

3. Try to have a standard relaxing bedtime routine and keep regular sleep times. Make sure your bedroom is dark, cool and quiet and that your pillows, sleep surface and coverings provide you with comfort.

4. For reducing PMS symptoms such as bloating, irritability and breast tenderness or other problems, consult your health-care professional.

...this site does have some interesting information all about women and sleep. I do plan to read more when I have time.

So, what will it be tonight...twin or king...well, I'm in the den and I don't hear any snoring coming from the bedroom...I guess the coast is clear for this evening. King for the night!


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