Friday, April 20, 2007

Form-Fitted Confidence

The continued saga of my little A-Lined skirt...the Nicole Miller skirt that I wrote about earlier this week (My Little A-Lined Skirt) ...may definitely go down as a memorable moment in my 49th year. You see...I wore my little A-Lined skirt to a dinner event during a business meeting this week. I brought it along in my suitcase with the stockings and the satin gold blouse and the teal shoes and the gold pashima shawl. Wasn't sure if I was going to actually take it out of the suitcase...still was fretting about how tight it was for my age.

On Thursday evening I took the ensemble out of my suitcase and laid it on the bed...then I put on the gold blouse...put on the stockings (control top of course)...squeezed on the skirt (held in my stomach...too bad I couldn't hold in my hips...but the control top pantyhose worked wonders...didn't go to the bathroom all night because I didn't want to risk letting it all out of control if I pulled down the pantyhose)...the outfit looked great (since gold is one of my colors according to my 20 years ago Color Me Beautiful color assessment). Only issue was my hair...bad hair day...desperately needed a haircut...but could not get an appointment until the weekend (not to one knew or cared but me).

Went down to catch a cab to the dinner and realized...oh, no...should I walk to the dinner...should I dare sit down in my little A-Lined skirt for fear it might split at the seams...or as the Nicole Miller tag the zipper if not properly sized..."I can do this," I said, "I can get in this cab without splitting the skirt..." I sat in the front seat of the sliding over the back seat in my little A-Lined skirt...legs out straight and then a sideways twirl and I was in that cab without one thread out of place.

Arrived at the dinner with my little A-Lined skirt intact...walked up the stairs to the reception and had quite a few nods of approval. "Love that form-fitted skirt," said a colleague. (Why didn't I think of that...or course, it is form-fitted - not tight as I had originally thought). "You look so nice," said two other colleagues...male colleagues I might add...(was it the form-fit they were admiring...or the beautiful fabric of the skirt... or maybe my legs that they probably thought I never had since I always wear pantsuits to work ... or maybe the gold color of the satin blouse that was shining that night...definitely not my was a bad hair day.) Whatever it was...I felt good...yes...I felt so good...actually...I felt great. For a moment, I even felt like I was 29 again...not I was stepping out and making a bold statement with form-fitted confidence.

May have to go buy myself another form-fitted skirt...or maybe even a form-fitted dress (but then I'd have to get one of those control undergarments that holds in every part of my torso...but how would I get into a taxi). I think my entire baggy wardrobe needs some form-fitting...a nip here...tuck there...I can feel the confidence rising...form-fitted at 49...fabulous at 50...I like the way that sounds!


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