Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

What a morning I had...I awoke early...5:30 am...just like any other weekday morning...only this morning...this morning when I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror...I had a pimple on my nose....a big, ugly, red pimple near the tip of my nose.

I'm almost 49-1/2..."mirror, mirror, on the wall," said I, "...this morning is definitely not the fairest of them all"...I stared at my face in the center of the mirror...I then moved to the lefthand panel of the mirror and then to the right hand panel of the mirror..."Make it go away I said to the mirror"...only it didn't talk back.(Actually, I thought maybe if I stared long enough the pimple would just disappear.)

How is this possible...I thought I was all grown up at 49-1/2...and for a minute...a second...I felt like I was a teenager...what was I going to do with this pimple right in the middle of my nose...what if it didn't go away...would I be able to go to work (I remembered those awful days when I was 15 and I had a pimple on my face...I dreaded going to school)....what was I going to do now...will it eventually go away or turn into a permanent little lump or mole on my nose...like some of the other pimples have in recent months...if it stays I will definitely have to get a nose job for my 50th birthday.

I layered on my moisturizer being careful not to touch the nose...then I put on my Bobbi Brown foundation hoping it would cover the red mark...it wasn't working...next came the concealer and then the cover-up and finally my MAC compact came out of my handbag and I patted it on top...it was almost gone...just a tad of that pimple was peeking out...I decided I would not blow my nose all day...if I did I would have to keep the compact nearby for touch ups.

I went to the office hoping no one but me would notice that ugly red mark on my nose....I kept as close to my computer as possible and did not mention it at all...no, no...I did not say a word...and I never looked in the mirror all day (or even in the reflection of the computer monitor).

Sadly my pimple was still there when I arrived home...I may need to borrow my 17 year old's OXY tonight...or go online to check out acne treatments for the aging.

So I guess approaching 50...and being grownup doesn't mean you don't get pimples anymore...it's equally embarassing at 49-1/2 as it is at 15.

I have six more months before I'm 50...maybe the pimple will be gone by then.



Anonymous said...

Somehow it's inherently unfair to have pimples and wrinkles at the same time. And in my case, the dermatologist can't seem to fix either one! Sorry about your recent need for OXY - hope it worked!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just found this web site--great. I will have to check back. I think we are about the same exact age! 50 in Dec!

Judi said...

Yes, I will be 50 in January...hope you will join my community of soon to be fifty-somethings!