Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bringing Out My Beta

I'm such an Alpha...I rise on weekday mornings at 5:30 am and don't leave the house until 7:30 am...sometimes even later...yet my Beta Beta son...he rises at 7:00 am...actually his alarm goes off at 7:00 am and then he takes a shower...grabs a granola bar...and runs out the fact...sometimes it is 7:20 am and he is still in the shower...just how he does it...I don't know...I just don't know...and I sit and worry every morning that he is not going to make it to school on time...but every morning...every Beta son seems to make it out the door on time...not a minute early...not a minute late.

I'm an early riser...always have been...and always will be...except maybe on the weekends...I've never been one to sleep until noon...maybe until nine...but not until noon...then half the day is wasted...but my son can sleep late...even on weekday for me...I'm an Alpha girl...I try to pack in as much as possible into the few hours I have in the morning - shower, makeup, breakfast, read the newspaper (that is most of the time...when the newspaper man delivers the newspaper before my 6:30 am breakfast right to my walkway...not like yesterday...when it did not arrive...I have such a wonderful newspaper delivery man...he is just so wonderful...but yesterday and today too...I feared for the worst...I feared he had left me...left me in my worried Alpha state...left me...never to be able to read my favorite New York Times at the 6:30 am hour again...but then I saw the paper...down by the puddle of water...where the sprinkler had flooded the edge of my driveway...there sat the newspaper...and that little bit of Beta in me said "okay, it's not on my walkway...but at least I still have my newspaper.")

Yes...I must learn how to be a Beta I approach 50 I must learn how to bring out the Beta in this Alpha more like my Beta son:

- to throw my clothes around the house or around my room...or let them pile up on the seat of my stationery bicycle instead of putting all my clothes in the hamper...or maybe leave all my clothes in my car after the gym instead of bringing them inside the house...or just throw them on the floor...that's what I'll start to do...just throw my clothes on my bedroom floor;

- speaking of my car, I need to also let my trunk fill up with stuff...lots of stuff that I put in my car...any kind of stuff, but never take the stuff out of my car...and leave old travel mugs with coffee still in them in the cup holder...and wrappers from the food I'm going to start buying at Wawa...that's what a really good Beta guy does...that's what I'm going to do;

- and I think I'll also stop making my bed in the morning...just leave it with an un-made Beta look...with the comforter partially touching the rug and the sheets down around the edge of the bed...and I'll throw a few clothes under the covers...maybe under the bed too;

- and maybe I'll forget to wash my eyeglasses...see how long it will take until I cannot see out of the glass;

- and I'm going to stop paying my bills the moment I get the bill in the mail...I'm going to wait until the last possible day...maybe even make a late payment if necessary...I'm going to see how far I can take it until the Alpha in me starts to shiver...then I'll write that check;

- and I think I'll relax more...not work so more television...maybe even watch South Park, Family Guy, and The Simpsons...maybe learn to play video Halo...and play Halo for five hours straight...not take a break;

- and I'm not going to worry when I don't wipe the counter after I cook my dinner...or not wash the dishes after a meal...why wash dishes...I'll just pile them up in the sink...who needs to use a dishwasher...dishwashers were invented to wash dishes...who needs to wash dishes when I can just let dirty ones pile up.

I think I was given a Beta son so I could learn how to value diversity...truly value and celebrate those differences in each individual...I love my son dearly...and I must admit he has made me a better person...a more tolerant and patient person.

I'm still learning every day...yes, I'm a life-long learner...every day I try to worry that I am inching closer to 50...I think I'm going to try to worry even bring out that Beta in me...enjoy life more...that's what Beta guys do...and so should I...I've been an Alpha girl for too long...I'll be 50 in less than four's time to lighten up...and let out my Beta...I know it's hidden somewhere in my Alpha must be a recessive else would I have given birth to such a beautiful and fabulous Beta boy?


Guess who else is turning 50 in 2008?: OMG...just read that Madonna is turning 50 next year favorite Madonna...and she is possibly planning a concert to celebrate her birthday...I can't wait...this is definitely going to be on my list of things to do in my 50th year.


Anonymous said...

Judi, Hi! Wanted to share something I read a while ago that has helped me to let at least one of those chores go: "an unmade bed is not a health hazard." It may be the goal, but on the many (many!) days that we don't get there, I remind myself that it just means wrinkled sheets, that's all. (And that we were out doing more important/fun things than making beds!). Yours, L

Laura said...

A recessive gene! That's so funny! I think if a teenager has a clean room, you probably have to worry about him.
By the way, in one of those clean house-in-thirty-minutes books, they said that if you only have time to make the bed, the rest of the room can be messy and it won't look as bad. My son's room still looks bad even when the bed is made.