Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Back to School or Back to Sleep

January 17, 2007

It’s amazing that I am actually still awake and blogging. Last night I drank some decaf coffee at dinner and that kept me up all night. I think decaf coffee still has enough caffeine. Ever have one of those nights where you do not get any sleep and you just watch the clock all night? And I’m not even having night sweats yet. At least then I’d have to get up and take some time to change my pajamas. I know the experts say don’t look at the clock, but I always do. What else are you supposed to do? I don’t like to turn on the light and start reading. Plus, my husband is asleep so it is not very practical.

Maybe after I turn 50, I’ll go back to school. I’m envious of my daughter who is in Italy right now and on her way to Venice for the weekend. I never had a chance to go abroad when I was in college. I’m so glad my daughter decided to do this trip so that I will have a chance to visit Italy. My mom always said that when I was younger, she got a chance to see new places when she was visiting me. They weren’t as exciting as Italy…so sorry mom.

Every time I tell someone I am going to Italy, they tell me about his/her trip and where I should shop or where I should eat or where I should stay or what I should do while I’m there. One woman in the bookstore told me to be sure to buy leather goods, especially to not deny myself a nice pair of Italian leather gloves. She said she regretted missing out on leather gloves when she was in Italy almost 20 years ago…she still thinks about the pair she passed up. I wanted to get her name so I could buy her that pair of gloves. I think I’ll take her advice and not deny myself some Italian jewelry and leather gloves while I’m there this spring.

Tonight may be a mid-week Lunesta night. I don’t like to make it a mid-week affair, but if I don’t get some shut eye I doubt I’ll be functioning tomorrow.

Lights out!


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