Monday, January 29, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I think my bad hair day today prompted me to write this post.

I remember the days in my 20's, 25 to be exact, the year I met my husband. I loved my hair. I used to get it cut at Bumble & Bumble, a top salon in NYC. My hair was the most important accessory then and it continues to be now. Only thing is, back then, it really looked good. I paid practically half my salary to get my haircut (I was an editor at the time and made next to nothing). I had such a full head of hair, it was very wavy and I wore it a bit longer than I do now. I never had to color or highlight it. It was always shiny.

Fast forward 25 years and two kids later...they never tell you that kids take all the curl out of your hair! After I had kids, my hair was flat as a pancake. It never grew back the same way. And now, my hair is not only thinner, but I also have a receding hairline. I notice a lot of other women my age have receding hairlines too, except my mother who at 85 still has a full head of thick hair black hair (thanks to Loreal color treatments)...guess I take after my dad's side of the family..I have heard that receding hair is heriditary. Men are allowed to lose their hair, but it doesn't look as flattering on women.

There are also the gray hairs that need covering up. Since I now color my hair almost every six weeks, I don't notice the gray roots as much, until about the fourth or fifth week...that's about where I am right now...that's why I'm having a bad hair day. My hair gets dull and limp and has no matter how much hair gel, mousse or extra strength hairspray I put on it. And believe me, I have a bathroom cabinet full of gel, mousse, hairspray, color shampoos, extra body conditioners, etc, etc. ready to come to the rescue. I've tried many products that are supposed to transform your hair and am always looking for the miracle cure. If you know of one that works for you, please share it with me.

Tomorrow, I'm going to get my hair colored and highlighted. I find that when I get highlights my hair has much more body. Only issue for a person like me who has short hair is that you have to let it get longer, so they can put the highlights in your the foils stay on your head. That means about every 10 -12 weeks, I have about seven bad hair days until I can get my hair highlighted again. My haircolorist highlights my hair every other visit, about once every 12 weeks, and I get it colored in-between too to cover up the roots. Then I have to go to another salon where I get my haircut...doesn't make life any easier! I keep a calendar so I remember, although, I really don't need to because my bad hair days automatically let me know it is time to schedule an appointment.

It's interesting to note that my husband and son think I spend every other week at the salon getting a haircut. They don't even realize the difference between color, highlights and cuts, needless to say the important role each plays in the perfection of this accessory. When your hair is short the cuts are very subtle, but a few snips here and there can make the difference between a good hair day and a bad one. A good color brings back all the shine...and highlights...well, that's icing on the cake.

So, I know tomorrow may not be a better day since I will have to go through the entire work day with bad hair until I get my highlights that evening...but Wednesday, yes, Wednesday, I'll be smiling with my rich shiny hair and brilliant blonde highlights.

Do you know when I googled HAIRCARE there were 62 million sites that came up? Guess I'm not the only female whose hair is her most important accessory!


P.S. - Couldn't go through all 62 million sites, but did check out the third listing at was a fun site all about hair....will have to bookmark that site and go back to it when I have more time...when I'm not blogging that is.

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