Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Forget Me Not

I think it was about a year or so ago that I began to forget things more often...especially in the morning after I woke up and was preparing to get dressed. As things got worse I knew I had to do something. Otherwise I knew I would forget something important...like brushing my teeth, or putting on my Olay Regenerist Serum or heaven forbid...forgetting to put on my Dove deodorant before I went to work.

So now, each morning, after I take my shower, I put all my morning rituals' stuff on the right side of the sink (I actually could not do this when I was in my early 40s because I had a pedestal sink in my bathroom...who puts a pedestal sink in a master bath...I cannot believe any woman would put a pedestal sink in a master bath...what were the original owners of this house thinking...but I bought the house anyway because I knew it had such potential...and last year when I renovated I made sure that I put in a new sink with lots of counter space for all my morning rituals' stuff). Now, as I exit the shower, I put all my stuff neatly on the side of the lovely granite countertop. And after I use each item I put it back in the cabinet...it works like a charm every day.

First I have the basics:
- my nose spray (so that I hopefully will never have to have sinus surgery again)
- my eye drops (need to get rid of those red eyes from the late nights spent blogging!)
- my Crest Sensitive toothpaste (have to keep my teeth pearly white...and my gums are so sensitive now...this aging bit has got to stop...can't even use the Vivid White anymore...more on my aging mouth in another posting)
- my dental floss (as I said...more on my aging mouth in another posting)

Next, I have the cover-my-face segment...can't miss any of these steps:
- my Olay Regenerist Serum for under the makeup
- my Bobby Brown foundation for over the serum...a nice light foundation
- my Olay Regenerist under eye cream to fade away those dark circles
- my Neutrogena cover stick to fade those under eye circles even more...do you have a lot of under-eye circles? No matter how much I put this stuff on it doesn't work...I could use a stick a day...only that wouldn't look too good (sometimes this item gets stuck in the corner of my cabinet and I forget to put it on)

Finally, the eye makeup segment...
- my Mac powder shadows come out on the counter...either my browns or my purple shades depending if it's a black and white day or a brown and beige day
- my Mac eye pencil to match the day
- my Almay mascara (this is another item that often is forgotten...I keep all my brushes and pencils and mascara in a big cup so if I don't physically take it out of the cup during this phase...it ends up being a mascara-less day!

And to end the morning prior to dressing I put on my Dove scent-free clear stick deodorant...this really belongs in phase one because I always take this out and leave it on the bathroom counter right next to all the other morning rituals' stuff...very important finale of the morning bathroom rituals.

Before I leave the bathroom I ALWAYS check the counter to make sure nothing is left behind...if there is...it means I have to back step...and I don't get to the kitchen for my morning kitchen rituals.

I just read in this morning's paper that researchers have found that exercise over the years, appears to help people fight the natural memory loss that comes with aging. According to the article, the report, which appears in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, says working out may stimulate the growth of neurons in part of the brain associated with memory loss. It does refer to exercise equipment...I wonder if I used my scale (check out my previous February posting - Is Exercising Really A Hobby - for more on this topic)as a stepper more often before I did my morning bathroom ritual at the sink, whether or not it would increase my memory retention...may have to add this to my morning bathroom rituals.


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