Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Price of Perfection

I went to pick up my Estee Lauder Future Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Radiance Moisturizer today at Macy's. I had reserved my cream for pick-up in March when I heard they were having a special promotion with purchase. After all, why should I just buy the moisturizer when I can get all the other little samples with it...what a bonus.

I always have to rationalize the expense of shelling out almost $70 for a 1.7 ounce of moisturizer...let's see...that works out to be how much a dab of moisturizer per wrinkle on my face??? The price of perfection is costly. And to top it off, the original Future Perfect moisturizer that I purchased in July was 2.5 ounces...while I knew that my eyes were failing me...I knew Estee had significantly downsized the jar when I opened the box.

But, my wrinkles are worth the price...or should I say...getting rid of my wrinkles is worth the price...and there are lots more expensive moisturizers out there...rationalize...rationalize...rationalize.

Plus, listen to what else I got:
- a pretty yellow makeup bag (it's too large to fit in my handbag...wish they had made it a tad smaller)
- mascara (can't wear any mascara other than Almay since I'm allergic)
- lipstick (the color isn't my favorite)
- Pure White Linen perfume (Estee's perfumes are too strong for me)
- a makeup mirror (a 49 year old can never have enough mirrors to look at all her wrinkles)
- .24 fl. ounce of Advance Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex (I think this is supposed to last for 7 nights...not sure what happens to my recovery after that...wonder how they come up with these protective recovery?)
- .24 Resilence Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Creme to use during the AM hours (will try this one too...cute little jar)

Plus,plus, there's more in the bag
- more mascara (other mascara that I will not use)
- a pretty spring tote bag in bright green fabric with brown trim (like it...don't know when I'll use it...but it's nice...did add to my pile of other free bags from other free cosmetic offers...the pile is so high in my closet that it fell over)

Plus, plus, plus listen to what else I got because I'm now a valued Estee Lauder customer (if I am so valued I'd like to ask Estee why she cut my moisturizer jar by almost an ounce...she should know that at 49 I have lots of wrinkles to firm up and need all the moisturizer ounces I can get.): a brochure with coupons for special gifts for April, May, and June.

Three months of free gifts await know where I'll be headed...the price of perfection is definitely worth it!


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Laura said...

So funny! I can hear your voice saying "plus, plus" and Iam cracking up! I also have a stockpile of little bags: but I have started using them. One came in patent leather, so I have even used it as a clutch!