Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Is There A Doctor In The House?

I called my cardiologist's office today to make sure they sent a prescription to me so I could get my lipid profile done before I go to the doctor next week. For a few years now I've been taking medication for my cholesterol. I tried to get it down on my own by watching my diet...but it didn't work. I always get a little nervous when I have to get my lipid profile. I forget whether the LDL is the good stuff, or the HDL is the bad stuff, or if the triglycerides level should be high or low. It's just too many things to remember. All I know is that I don't want my cholesterol number over 200 or I'm in the dog house.

I don't know about you...but when I know I have to get my cholesterol checked...I am so careful about what I eat the few days chocolate cake or high fat foods (which is really difficult because almost everything has some fat in it...except maybe the whole grain cereal I eat for breakfast or the fruits and vegetables I have for lunch and dinner).

Lately, I feel like I have a doctor for every part of my body. I have a lot of "ologists" under the letter D in my phone book:

- There's the cardiologist to help me stay heart-healthy and manage my high-cholesterol.

- I see an upper gastroenterologist who gives me the purple pill...yes, I admit I do take that purple is quite a pretty pill.

- I see a proctologist who helps me deal with my irritable bowel syndrome. No one ever told me that after I turned 45 I would no longer be able to enjoy my favorite hot and spicy Mexican foods without feeling the effects afterwards...actually for days afterwards. If I had known this when I was younger I would have gone out to more Mexican restaurants more often...then I would have had my fill of Mexican food by the time I turned 45 and might not feel so deprived during the second half of my life. (Thanks to Katie Couric and my irritable bowel...I've already had a colonoscopy nothing for me to fear about that procedure when I turn 50...although I don't look forward to drinking that awful gallon jug of lemon water again anytime soon.)

- I see my gynecologist...wish she had more secret treatments to help me deal with my menopausal symptoms...but she is a very nice doctor...and I do believe that all women (including me) should have a yearly pap test and mammogram.

- My dermatologist is also on the D list...have to make an appointment with him soon to see what new prescription cream he might recommend for wrinkle removal and spot removal...too many dark spots seem to be popping up on my face lately.

- Ending on the very top of my body, I have an ear, nose and throat specialist who helps me keep my sinuses clear...don't ever want to have that sinus surgery again...ever...ever! And my opthamologist, who as you know if you read my previous posting, will be checking out my deteriorating eyesight a week from now.

Finally, there is one more doctor...she is my favorite...she is my general practioner. No "ologist"...just a plain old the ones I used to watch on TV when I was little (Dr. Kildare...he was such a nice doctor...and very cute was Chad Everett...remember him...can't remember what his name was on the show...but he was so nice.) My GP is great...she provides the answers to all the other parts of my body that those with an "ologist" at the end of their name cannot answer when I get a sore throat or cold...luckily I don't get colds very often anymore...I say I owe it to the vitamin C I take every day, but my husband and kids don't agree. She also is the doctor who I will be eternally grateful to for prescribing my Lunesta.

I'm saving a few more empty spaces in the D list for when I turn 50. I'm sure there are other parts of my body that will start asking for their specialist.


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