Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Glorious Mother's Day

Today, on my last Mother's Day before I turn 50, I woke I've been doing for more than 15 years...I checked the weather outside...luckily the rain had stopped...I put on my exercise gear...and then I woke up my 16...soon to be 17 year old son.

We headed off to Philadelphia to walk in the Susan B. Komen Race for the's been our Mother's Day tradition for the past several years...I used to walk with a group of friends...then one year my son said he wanted to walk with's a great bonding ritual...especially on Mother's Day...just the two of us.

Things were just a little bit different this morning...he was in the driver's seat...that was different...we did the 5K course in under an hour...I was proud of myself for running half the race...especially with my wobbly knees...I just cannot run the way I used to...the sun was shining brightly...he continuely asked me if I was okay..."are you okay mom?" he would say every few minutes..."yes, I'm okay," I said, "how are you doing?" I said as I kept in step..."not bad for a 49 year old, eh" I continued. I was so glad to be his mom even if I had to look up to say more looking down...that was different...he was taller then me this year by a good few inches.

Soon he will be leaving for college (15 months to be exact) I thought...wonder if he will come back from college on Mother's Day to walk with me...or will he want to do other things..."I'm not going to think about that right now," I said to myself, "instead I'll just cherish this time together."

Of all of my accomplishments, as I look back on my adult years, being a mom has been my most rewarding experience...nothing could beat it. I've learned so much from being a mom...

- I've learned to be more patient (kids don't always do what you want them to do when you want them to do it)

- I've learned about new places(got to go to Italy to visit my daughter)

- I've learned new things (would never have known anything about soccer and lacrosse if it wasn't for my son)

- I've learned to make mistakes and still be okay (made a lot of mistakes when I first became a mom...little mistakes like not keeping my daughter's baby blanket wrapped tightly enough around her newborn body so she still felt like she was in the womb...and big the time I forgot that my son's baby bottle nipples were on the stove being boiled and I started a fire...luckily no one got hurt)

- I've learned how to pick my battles, how to win some and how to be a good loser(and to never bet money on it...especially when it comes to sports or television or technology or music or etc, kids will always out smart me)

Think I'll save my Mother's Day card this year...since it is my 49th year...I like the words inside - "Mom, you leave a little bit of wonderful everywhere you go...I am who I am today...because of you!

It is a glorious Mother's glad to be a mom.


Movie Tip: Speaking of daughter and I saw a wonderful mother daughter movie last evening...highly recommend "The Waitress" with Kerri Russell...remember Kerri Russell from the television series a few years ago called "Felicity"...I used to watch "Felicity" when my daughter was in high Felicity is all grown up and having a baby of her own in "The Waitress"...think I really liked it because she bakes pies in this movie and I love to bake pies...maybe I'll start to bake more pies again...but then I'll have to eat more pies...strawberry rhubarb is my absolute favorite...yum!

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rhea said...

That was a sweet tribute to your children and to being a mom!