Friday, May 11, 2007

Your "Cool," Your "Hip"

There is no greater compliment than telling a 49 year old that she is “cool” and “hip.” Last week, it happened to me two times…twice in one week…from two different people…one told me I was a “cool mom” and the other highlighted that despite my age (this came from a twenty-something colleague) I was “hip.”

“Cool” and “hip”…I like those words. Yes…one of my many goals as I age is to remain “cool” and “hip”…I wonder if I will be “cool” when I’m in my 80s…my 85 year old mom is “cool”…she stays up on what's "cool" and "hip" by watching “The View” every weekday morning…then she updates me each week on all the happenings…what Barbara said…what Rosie said…what celebrities were talking about on the show.

I think there are good ways to remain “cool” and “hip” and there are not so good ways to remain “cool” and “hip." For example:

- I don’t like when my peers try to squeeze into those Juicy velour outfits or True Religion jeans…I feel “hip” that I know about and can converse about these labels, but I don’t agree that a 49er should wear them

- Then there are those pretty colored Express blouses…I bought three of them awhile ago because they were on sale and the more you bought the cheaper each blouse got. I loved the colors – dark red, bright green, white – I loved the style…that is until I noticed that they were gaping at my bustline and even though the stretch fabric had a good amount of stretch it still wasn’t enough stretch to stretch around my 49 year old hips…and where did that top button go…or the next button…was the manufacturer cutting down on buttons...or is the style meant to show cleavage (not that there is anything wrong with that...there's never been any cleavage for me to show anyway...not even when I was twentysomething). I finally gave in and presented these "worn only once" shirts to my 21 year old daughter…no more Express for me...I'm slowing down.

- Long hair…at what age should those who have really long hair cut their hair…some say that as long as it is neat or you can put it up in a bun…you can keep it as long as you like…I beg to differ. What do you think?

- Platform shoes…don’t think they look especially good on more mature legs…especially those big platforms that are in style now...I love the espadrilles with the big platforms but just don't think they are flattering on my spider legs.

- I also try to listen to “cool” and “hip” radio stations…even if it is for a short time and then I switch back to my easy listening music.

-I read my InStyle and Entertainment Weekly and also like Lucky magazine...again, so I can converse on important trendy topics…and all the celeb gossip...not necessarily buy the clothes.

- I watch shows with my son on the CW network (dare I admit that I actually like some of these shows like One Tree Hill).

- I buy MAC makeup…should I buy MAC makeup…or should I move to the makeup for more mature women…like Elizabeth Arden…no…I’m going to stay “cool” and “hip”…I like my MAC colors…no Red Door treatments yet...I'll wait until I'm a little older to open the Red door. Of course, my Olay Regenerist or Estee Lauder cream goes under the MAC and Bobby Brown is in my cosmetic bag too...think she just turned 50.

What other ways can I stay “cool” and “hip”…if you have any other ideas please share them with me…

It's almost like the the Glamour magazine “do’s” and “don’ts” page I used to read when I was twentysomething…does Glamour have that feature anymore…I don’t read that magazine anymore…should I be reading it to stay “cool” and “hip”…does AARP have a "cool" and "hip" column...maybe I should start one!


Staying Stylish: Speaking of "cool"...I just read in InStyle that for those of us who cannot keep our mules on our feet...those shoes with no backs...that you should put hairspray on your heel and it will help to keep the shoes on your feet. What a great idea...especially for those who cannot wear me...will have to try this tip.


PLeBrun said...

Hi Judi:

So much to think about here! One thought: when it's time to stop coloring your hair. I know Nora Ephron attributes hair color as the reason why middle agers can look and feel so young, and I agree. But recently I saw a woman at my health club, and she just looked too old for her hair. She had young looking hair and an old face. I thought that I hope someone tells me if I should stop coloring my hair. If, when I turn around, people gasp and think who's that old lady under that head of hair. Maybe it's just a gradual lightening until the hair color matches the face? Keep up the good work!

Laura said...

You know, that's so true! One of the nurses I work with has strawberry blonde hair and a fabulous figure but the face of a 75-year-old. The hair is too bright for her. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. My face looks great, but the body--ooooh oooh oooh; definitely 49!

Blogger said...

Here's a good article from about the short vs long hair issue for older women. I saw do what you want and look great!