Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In The Prime of My Life

I don't regularly participate in webinars...if I did I would be on-line all the time and never get my work done...I must get invites to about 10 webinars a day in my job...but the other day a very interesting webinar invite arrived in my was called The Power of PrimeTime Women ...all about marketing to women 50 to 70 years old. The webinar was presented by Marti Barletta, Founder & CEO of The TrendSight Group.

As soon as I read 50 to 70, I was sold...that was how I was going to spend my Tuesday lunch hour...and it was definitely worth it...what an uplifting lunch hour...just me and my computer and the telephone and my cup of soup and bag of whole grain pretzels and Diet Snapple Peach iced tea...but the words and slides just pumped me up. Here's what Marti (who I really liked)had to say about this group of women...the group I am about to enter:

- She said that "The Big 5-0 is perceived as a big milestone and is an actual major transition in a woman's life."...I agree Marti...I agree.

- She said that "if a woman turns 50 and is cancer-free and without heart disease she can live to 92 years old."...ooh Marti...if I live to be 92 I definitely better think about my next career or multiple careers

- She said that "boomer women are the first generation of primetime women."...I loved the term...the prime of my life...the P-R-I-M-E of MY life is PRIME...I was starting to get jazzed after the first few minutes...tell me more Marti...tell me more

- She said that "all the growth...yes, all the growth in the next decade was going to come from the 50+ market"...what a market I am entering..."we're at the peak of our income"...tell me more...tell me more..."we're at the peak of our net worth"...sounds even better..."and we have peak discretionary spending"...mind you she prefaced it by saying that's "when the kids are launched" I have a few more years to go...okay Marti...I'm cool with that as long as the peak discretionary spending comes with it

- She said that "50+ women spend more on:

*Cars - You're right Marti...I am going to buy myself a new car soon...especially since my 17 year old son just got his license on Monday...funny but the past few evenings I didn't even realize I had a car anymore...since my son keeps taking it out for a drive...hopefully I will have my Honda Civic a few more months before I get my new car

*Meals - You're right Marti...I do like to go out to eat more...I'm too tired to cook and too busy blogging to cook...and if I'm going to be entering the PRIME of my life I deserve to take myself out to dinner more often...and my husband too...he can come along too

*Airfare - Right again Marti...I plan to travel more...take more trips in my 50+ years...including the trip I will be taking for my 50th birthday...where ever that may be...haven't made my decision yet

*Sports Equipment - Okay Marti you are so on target...I do already have a stationary bicycle...and I would love to get myself a new mountain bicycle to ride outside more during the spring, summer and fall...saw some great bikes at the REI store...and I have been using my free weights while my gym is closed for renovations...better open soon or I will have to buy a lot more sports equipment...maybe have to build a second floor and turn it into a gym...don't want to be lumpy and bumpy or turn frumpy like Marti said 50+ women used to be called...not me...I'm not going to be any of those "umpy" characters

*Wine at Home - I do like wine...and I should drink more wine...everytime I go out to dinner and have wine I tend to sleep better and I always say I should drink more wine at are right it is...I'm stocking up as soon as I turn 50...maybe I will build a second floor for a wine cellar...although I think wine cellars usually go in the basement

* Women's Apparel - No arguing here Marti...I'm there...I'm you have just given me more freedom to shop...if the PRIME of my life requires more shopping I'll just have to do more shopping...but do I have to shop at Chicos and Coldwater Creek...I know I'm part of their target audience but their clothes just don't fit me I allowed to shop at Ann Taylor when I'm 50...maybe I'll write them a note and ask them

After the first half hour things got even better...Marti really got rolling and it was quite exhilarating...she talked about 50+ women with words like "activate," "create," and "authenticate," ...about how 50+ women have "attitude...they are on the go, so get out of their way"...yes, yes, yes...I was ready to jump up and down...I wished I could give Marti a big hug.

The best part was when she talked about our "biological jujitsu" ears really perked up...jujitsu...will I be taking karate when I'm 50+. "Jujitsu," said Marti, "is when our estrogen levels start to go down and we have higher levels of testerone...that's why we become more assertive...more self-confident at 50."

Who knew I'd have to wait until I turned 50 to be more assertive...I wish I had known that tip in advance...I wouldn't have bothered to take that assertiveness training class when I was in my 30s.

Men...our husbands or significant others aren't as lucky...according to Marti..."men become more accommodating since their testosterone levels drop at 50+"...hum...hum, hum...should I tell my husband about this...should I let him in on the changes that are coming in a few months...when I become more assertive and he becomes more accommodating (he is already 55 soon to be 56...maybe that's why he is more accommodating lately...who knew...who knew?)

The hour came to a close...Marti's voice stopped...but I was forever changed...ready for the PRIME of my life like never before...P-R-I-M-E.


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