Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ticket to Ride

Yesterday was such a beautiful day...I couldn't wait to get home and take a ride on my bicycle...I had to put air in the tires to get things going...then my kickstand wasn't I just unscrewed it and took it off ...that kickstand wasn't going to stop me from riding my bike...I was determined to have a great ride.

I noticed that once again, my car...and my husband's car were not in the daughter had one car and my son...the new driver in the family...had the other, like it or was the bicycle for me. Now that my son can drive...I wondered...does that mean he will never want to use his bicycle again.

I remember when I got my license...I was 17 once (let's see how many years ago was that, oh, I don't even want to count)...and I couldn't wait to drive my parent's car (they only had one car because we lived in the city)...I was always a little hesitant about driving long distances...not like my son...give him the keys and he is off and driving.

For me...driving is not my favorite past-time anymore...the gas is too expensive...there's too many cars on the road...and driving is not as enjoyable. No, now that I'm almost 50...I'm taking an "about face"'s not that I don't need a car...but cars don't thrill's my bicycle that gets me excited.

I can't wait for those long weekends...those extra sunny days and longer daylight hours...when I can get on my bicycle and ride around the is so relaxing...riding fast...riding slow...just riding...nowhere special to go...but my usual see who has pretty flowers planted around his/her house and who has the latest in landscaping...who is selling his/her home...and who added an addition to his/her house this past season. It's so much fun to ride around the worries when I'm on my clock ticking away...I'm a free spirit when I'm on my bike.

I do a lot of thinking when I'm riding around the neighborhood..."This is the last Memorial Day weekend before I turn 50," I thought the other day. "Will I still want to ride when I'm 50," I wondered..."Will I still be able to ride my bicycle when I'm 50 or 50+?"

"Of course I will," I said to myself, "In fact, forget the new car...maybe I'll just get a new bicycle instead...maybe I'll take a bicycle trip through Vermont next summer...or maybe I'll be more adventurous and take a bike trip through Tuscany or Provence." My sister used to do riding trips when she was younger...and some of my friends do riding trips now...there is no age limit for a bicycle...only strong legs required...and strong rears...especially strong rears (mine needs a lot of padding...may have to get those biker shorts that have extra padding and also get a double padded seat if I'm going to do more riding).

I've always wanted to try riding a motorcycle that I'm close to 50...maybe I should go for it...not that I could imagine myself a biker chick...the clothes are too form-fitting and I'm not into leather jackets either...and the helmets would flatten my hair (I need extra body shampoo for my hair these days not a helmet that will flatten it out even more) fact, the more I think about it...the more I think I'll stay with my regular bicycle...and skip the motorcycle...yes, maybe it's not wise to try all adventures...especially the motorcycle...may have to skip that one.

Meantime, can't wait for tomorrow morning...Sunday...nothing on my schedule...the weather report says hot and sunny... think I'll get up early (not too early...about 9:30 am)...9:30 am... it's my ticket to ride...and I'm gearing up.


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