Thursday, May 31, 2007

Time to De-Stress

I can take a great deal of stress...just hit me with it...hit me again...hit me harder...and even at 49 my mind, body, and soul bounce back...but this week...this week...the powers that be were really testing me...yes, every so often those stressbusters try to break me down.

Those stressbusters were in full force this week...things escalated when my husband went into the hospital yesterday...I was managing okay until they told him that his heart rate was racing almost twice of what it should be and his asthma was not behaving either (after sitting in the emergency room for four hours I realized why I never wanted to be a doctor or nurse...and I don't think I'm going to change my mind anytime fact, as they gave my husband his medicine to lower his heart rate...I thought mine was going up...I really did...I thought they were going to have to admit me alongside him)...luckily they got things under control...I was so exhausted I went home and took a nap

Those stressbusters didn't stop there...I had to calm myself down again when I found out that my 17 year old son drove my car to Barnes and Noble...after I told him he could take the car to school and back...funny...I don't remember anyone building a Barnes and Noble between my house and the high school...was it built overnight...was it built that afternoon...I DON'T THINK SO!

Then my daughter called after her first day at her new summer internship in was supposed to be so exciting...but after getting up at 5:00 am that morning so I could drive her to the bus so she would be on time for her first day at work in NYC...I was even too tired to listen...but I did...and like any loving mother should tell her 21 year old daughter, I said "Don't will get'll make it through the 10 weeks...and afterwards you'll realize how much you learned...even if you didn't like it along the way." (did I really say that...why did I say that...I shouldn't have said 49, I am really starting to sound just like my mother.)

I needed time to de-stress...put the focus back on ME...time to open up my new bottle of Johnson's "Melt Away Stress Dreamy Night" Lotion...the lotion that says on the bottle that it is clinically shown to help you sleep better and melt away daily muscle tension ( it sounded great to me in the store and sounded even better now)...according to the advertisement, 4 out of 5 women felt more relaxed after using it...and if I was so inclined I could go further and discover the feeling at and take the Melt Away Stress Challenge..."Challenge, who wants a challenge" I thought to myself, "I just want to massage this lotion all over my body and melt away my stress...or better yet, just guarantee me that dreamy night and I'll buy a few more bottles."

The lotion won challenges for me...I had enough challenges for one day...I was ready to give my mood a I massaged the lotion all over my body...on my neck and on my back on my feet and on my legs on my arms and on my hands on my stomach and under my nose...yes, even under my nose...hoping this fast absorbing lotion enriched with chamomile and an exclusive AROMASOOTHE fragrance with a hint of the back of the bottle said...would relax my senses and help melt away my daily muscle tension.

Fully bathed in the lotion, I breathed deeply and prepared for a dreamy night's sleep...hoping for a better days ahead.



Joyce said...

Wow - what a diffiicult day you had! I sure hope the lotion worked it's magic so you could rest. We're all fully invested in your life now. So let us know what happens next.

Rhea said...

I just turned 49 last week. Hard to believe...