Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mama Bear Buys A New Phone

My cell phone broke down about a week ago...I knew I was in for trouble...I had bought cell insurance for my kids' phones, but didn't think I would ever need it for my own phone. Off to Cingular I went with my broken phone in tow..."Can you fix it?" I asked the salesman, "The speaker phone will not work anymore and it doesn't seem to ring anymore either." (I wondered if maybe no one wanted to call me anymore...maybe my friends didn't like me anymore...maybe the ringer really wasn't broken.)

The salesman agreed that my LG cell needed to be put to rest...after two years and no more speaker...it was time to trade it in for a new one. "But," he said, "you are in luck...your contract has expired and you can get a new phone at the discounted rate as long as you renew your 2-year contract.... in fact," he said, "your entire family is eligible to upgrade."

"Wow...wow...wow...ugh!...ugh!...ugh!"...I thought. I knew my kids would be ecstatic, but what about me...and what about my husband who barely uses his Motorola mobile...how would we baby boomers adjust to this change? I'm not good with change (either is he)...especially after two years...it took me two years to learn how to use the speaker phone on my old LG...and I really liked it...it was my companion on my ride home from work...how would I adjust to a new more high tech cellphone?

My son and daughter were jumping for joy...they were up bright and early last Saturday morning...no oversleeping last weekend...not in my household...off to Cingular we all went (I told my husband he could stay at home...we just needed his phone...it wasn't necessary for him to join us). We got to the store early before the rush...signed in and waited our turn.

Then our time came...time to pick out our new phones...I really wanted the CRAZR, the teeny-tiny new Motorola cellphone...but it was too expensive for Mama Bear...Baby Bears picked out the new Motorola RAZR...it was on special...and quite a deal with the 2-year contract...a definite best buy. "Should I get it too?" I wondered, "Would it fit in the little pocket in my handbag that had been home to my LG for the past two years?" I tried the CRAZR - too small. I tried the Motorola - too big. I tried the RAZR...it fit just fine...a little bit larger than my original LG but it fit like a glove. So, Mama Bear bought herself a RAZR too...and Mama Bear also bought a Bluetooth...which the Big Bad Wolf salesman talked her into buying...not sure what Mama Bear was going to do with this Bluetooth...but she bought it anyway.

Some how...some way...we left the store and Mama Bear owed $450 (and she hadn't even bought Papa Bear a new phone...nope...she decided that Papa Bear better go to Cingular and pick out his own cell phone...a big cellphone not a sleek one like Mama and Baby Bears...not sure he would be equipped to use such a RAZR)..."Not to worry," said the Big Bad Wolf salesman,"you will get all the rebates...just fill out the 3 rebate forms, mail them in separate envelopes, attach all these receipts, and you'll get back $150." (Okay, so I REALLY spent $300 for the phones...and it will take me about an hour to fill out all these rebates...I was getting stressed just thinking about it.)

Thankfully the Big Bad Wolf salesman was able to transfer my SIM card with all my telephone numbers...except each number repeated three times by mistake...so I had to delete quite a few phone numbers in my address book...then I couldn't find my address book at all...I thought I deleted the entire list of phone numbers by accident...then I found it again...not sure what button I pushed...but luckily I found it...I uttered a few four letter words in between...but I found my numbers.

I'm not one to read instructions with my electronic gadgets...who has time to read an 86 page user guide...especially when I have a Baby Bear in the house (I mean a Cool Dude Bear in the house)...why do I need an 86 page user guide.

Who needs a guide anyway...I'm 49 years old...how difficult can it be to use my new RAZR and Bluetooth...ha...ha, ha, ha...ha...I put the Bluetooth to my ear...then I pushed the buttons on the RAZR just like the salesman told me...then it asked for my PIN number...what PIN number...what's my PIN number...PIN number...who said I needed a PIN number..."Don't you remember Mom," my daughter said, "it's 0000"..."No one told me that," I said..."Mom," my daughter said, "that is the only set of numbers the salesman told you to remember...and you even wrote them down on a piece of paper" "He was the Big Bad Wolf," I told her, "Mama Bear doesn't listen to the Big Bad Wolf."

I have at least two more years to figure it all out...or about seven months if I decide to make mastering the RAZR one of my goals for my 50th birthday. Maybe I should do this...figure it out...learn how to answer my RAZR...and how to listen to music on my RAZR...and how to send a message on my RAZR...and how to change the RAZR ringer...and how to make the RAZR volume louder (so I can hear the calls when I am able to finally answer them)...and how to watch my favorite shows on the tiny screen on my RAZR (I think I can watch episodes of Desperate Housewives...it might be worth learning how to use this feature).

I better hurry up and figure out how to use this RAZR...I'll need to pick up all my happy birthday messages when I turn 50 next January...won't want to miss any important birthday messages...ring a ding ding...wherever I am on 1-8-08 I want to hear all the calls.


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