Wednesday, June 20, 2007

While You Were Sleeping

Lately I feel like Sandra Bullock in the movie "While You Were Sleeping"...remember how she visited Peter Gallaghar who was in a coma...and the family thought she was the fiance...but instead she got close with the family and ended up marrying the younger brother Bill Pullman. It was one of my favorite Sandra Bullock movies.

Wish I was in the movies instead of living in reality...I'm not getting close with any other cute younger brother to fall in love with...and the man under sedation in the real ICU bed is really my husband (My Soulmate-June 17) ...I'm the wife who is praying every day that my husband will get stronger so I can tell him that "while you were sleeping"...

- I put out the garbage and the recycling and arranged the newspapers on Tuesday...just like you like the bins and the newspapers arranged (except, I didn't need to put out the bottle there was no pile up of water bottles...the water bottles you drink every day were not there...because while you were sleeping you couldn't drink any water with a ventilator

- I made dinner every night...or attempted to make dinner for my son and me...not as good as your are a good cook...did I ever tell you that...I did this week while you were sleeping

- I had a lot of time to think about a whole bunch of things while I sat in the hospital room while you were sleeping...especially all the places I want to go...after I turn 50...or maybe if you're all better during the later half of my 49th year...yes...I want to do some of those go back to our favorite spot in Santa Monica or Marina del Rey...and make plans for our new kitchen counters and cabinets too...I know we'll fight over the cabinets...just like we did during the bathroom renovation last year...that's why...while you were sleeping...I decided on all the kitchen you won't have to worry when you wake up

- I set my alarm clock each night so I would get up on time for work...and I gave our son his morning pill each morning...and I actually set the alarm correctly and it worked...I wasn't late...not one day

- I was by your side and I stroked your head and held your hand...I yelled a few times to try to wake you up...but you did not did not wake up...but I know while you were sleeping you were having some good were when you wake up you can take me dancing...that's what we will owe me a dance for my 50th birthday...the Rainbow Room atop Rockefeller they still have dancing...I will have to check and see...meantime, you better wake up soon... we have to start practicing the Cha Cha and birthday is only about six months away!


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Christa said...


Sorry for the comment I wrote last night. I came back to read further and .... I just didn't know what happened.

But: even sedated, even in coma your husband hears and feels. I made this experience.Just tell him, touch him and let him feel your love.

Hope things will be better soon.
Sincerely from France Christa