Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rock Chic in my DKNY Jeans

I'm taking a little vacation...not a spa vacation...not a European trip...just a little break from the real with my kids to visit a surreal see a university in Florida with my son and of the universities my son will be applying to this fall...and then I'm going to go see my mom...I need to see my mom...I need a big "mom hug!"...even at 49 going on 50...there is nothing like a big "mom hug" to make me feel better.

Sooooooooo, I'm suited up for my trip...I'm wearing my new form-fitted jeans...just like my form-fitted skirt that I bought back in the spring...and now that I've lost a few pounds my form-fitted jeans fit me quite snuggly...they are actually old jeans...I found them in a consignment shop a few weeks ago...I don't usually shop for jeans because since I've been in my late 40s I haven't really ever found a pair of jeans that fit me properly...but these jeans stood out on the consignment rack...they had J-U-D-I written all over them (they really had D-K-N-Y written on the inside but if I had my own fashion line these are the exact type of jeans I would design for the mature woman)...there they sat...just my size...without a thick waistband or belt loops...just the style I like...they had just a little stretch...just a little flare as my daughter would say (I would have said they were bell-bottoms but that would give away my age.)

"I'll take them," I said to the saleswoman..."They are on sale," she said, "Everything in the store is half price"..."Then I'll definitely take them," I said as I gave her the $10 she asked for...yes...10 bucks...10 bucks...the best $10 investment I've spent in a long time that made me feel like a million bucks...quite a bargain.

And now I'm all set to leave on the jet plane...and I'm sure to fit in at the university for tomorrow's least my lower half will fit in...and according to the August issue of InStyle I might just fit in in Hollywood too...(will have to add Hollywood on my list of places to go next year with my form-fitted flared jeans at 50).

According to the InStyle "J is for Jeans" feature "jeans have the ability to evoke so many moods"..."rock chic...downtown cool...and picture of polish." I never knew there were so many jean moods or styles from:

- "butt boosters" (I could use a pair of "butt boosters"...will put them on my 50th birthday list) to...

- "diverse weaves" with pinstripes and herringbone jean fabrics (maybe I should get a pair of these diverse weave jeans for our jeans day at that we have jeans day on long as I'm a "picture of polish" at work I guess it is okay to wear jeans to the office)...

- and there's "eco-friendly" jeans too...for green girls who desire pesticide-free 100 percent organically grown cotton, bamboo and recycled buttons (wonder if I could sell some of the bamboo that is infiltrating my backyard to a jeans company...will have to check this out...I could supply hundreds of thousands of bamboo buttons with all the bamboo in my backyard...and if the jean company would come and cut it down I'd give it to them for free)...
- and there are vintage jeans too (I have several pairs of vintage jeans in my closet...remember Wranglers...oh, yes...and Lee jeans...and Jordache jeans...I think I have quite a few pairs of vintage jeans somewhere buried in my closet...unless they were some of the 50 things I threw out the other day).

For now...I'm all set for college...I can walk in these DKNY jeans...I can sit in these DKNY jeans...and I feel "rock chic" in these DKNY jeans...let me board that jet plane baby...let me board that jet plane...I'm ready for take-off.


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