Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Conceal Me

I'm so tired...so tired...so tired. But my eyes look wide awake...that's because I went to the makeup store and told the makeup lady that I needed to freshen up all the dark circles under my eyes...the ones that seem to be getting darker by the minute...no wonder when I stay up like last night until 2:00 am in the morning (who do I think I am...trying to pull an all-nighter...like when I was in college...I wonder if the visit to University of Central Florida this past week is wearing off on me).

So I told the makeup lady, "Please give me your best cover up..anything that will cover up the darkness around my eyes." "I like Fresh Absolute Concealer," she said, "It goes on smooth and covers up those dark lines very nicely." "How much is it?" I asked. "Just $25," she responded. "Okay," I thought, "If this is what it costs to brighten up my eyes and get rid of my raccoon-looking face I'll buy the Fresh stuff...and for good measure I told the makeup lady to also throw in the concealer brush too...for another $25." Cie la vie.

Little did I know that when the makeup lady said be very gentle with the Fresh squirt bottle..that she meant a dab would do the trick...since the entire container is only .17 fl oz...yes...that entire container contains only .17 fl oz and it costs $25...I started to think about how many containers of Fresh Absolute Concealer it would take to fill up an 8 oz. cup and didn't have enough time to count...but the makeup lady warned me...she said you only need a dab...a spec of Fresh to accomplish the cure...the only issue was when I tried to get the dab...the spec...the tiny little spec out of the bottle (like she did in the store with the sample bottle) almost the entire .17 fl oz came flowing out...and I could not reverse it...no matter how much I tried to push the blob of concealer back into the pinhole of the container...it just would not budge...instead of a dab I had a blob...a big fat blob of concealer...and when I tried to use the concealer brush...I almost ended up looking like a 49 year old owl...my face was bright all right...it looked like it was lit up...almost florescent.

According to Bobbi Brown, the makeup maestro, some of the factors that cause under-eye circles are beyond our control - namely the aging process - with aging, "the skin around the eye area becomes thinner, so superficial blood vessels show through even more. (Thank you Bobbi for enlightening me on this subject...I don't like things that are out of my control...that's why I have to go purchase $50 for concealer and a concealer brush so I can put myself back in control...and then the darn container with its sensitive pressure point puts me out of control again.)

But wait, Bobbi also added an important point in her new book Bobbi Brown Living Beauty...she said that "it is worth it to have an arsenal of concealer colors - it'll do more for you than an extra lipstick. Spend wisely."

That's my Bobbi, she substantiated my spend...and my owl eyes...and I bought the lipstick color I liked too...why not by an extra lipstick...it's not that hard to operate a lipstick container...and the color does look nice with my owl eyes.


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