Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall Fashion Trends to Lift My Spirits

Now that I have atoned all my sins for the Jewish year 5767...atoned all the extra shopping I did in 5767 instead of giving more to charity (I also gave a lot to charity...but I can always do more...and will in my fiftieth year...maybe a special donation for my fiftieth...will have to think about that idea further)...I'm ready to begin the new Jewish year 5768...ready to begin 5768...the year I will turn 50. It's only fitting that I get ready to dress the of course I had to check out what the fashions are for the fall...and think about how my soon to be fifty-something body will fit into them...according to Saks Fifth Avenue there are "Nine Trends for Her"...let's see what I'll have to add to my wardrobe:

- Shine (Yes, I want to shine in 5768 and in 2008...funny how my birthday is on the 8th, and both the Jewish year and the calendar year both end in "8"...I think this is my lucky lucky year to shine...I'm glad I bought that "shiny" red patent leather belt last week...I do love did make me shine when I wore made me smile...made me happy...I think I'll get some additional shiny items for my fall wardrobe.)

- Textured Cardigan (I do like sweaters...maybe I'll have to go to London or Ireland for my 50th birthday and buy a nice textured cardigan...or go back to Italy...and get some exquisite Italian cardigan to keep me matronly cardigan for me...I'm going to have a beautiful textured sweater...will definitely add this to my shopping list.)

- High Heel ( high heels for my 50 year old feet...what happened to the ballerina flats...they must have been on Nordstroms' list...or in Vogue, or InStyle...I know I saw ballerina flats on someone's fall list...that's what I'll be wearing...or my favorite kitten heels in shiny patent leather...still have to get those red patent leather shoes...I want to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz in her red shoes...I especially need my red patent to shine this year.)

- Cape (I don't think I want a Batman cape for me...I'll go to New York favorite city in 5768 and 2008...just not in a Gotham black cape.)

- Opaque Leg (Yes...I like see-through stockings for my spider-veins...maybe I will get a pair of interesting textured opaque stockings and a new form-fitted skirt to go with them.)

- Shoe Bootie (Not sure I'm up for booties...but will have to check them out...see if the heel is not too high...see what they look like with my new DKNY jeans...maybe I'll have to step out in new shoe booties for my special number "8" year)

- Cropped Jacket (Well...well, well, well...I tried one of these jackets on in the store the other day...actually...I tried two different jackets on...the first one looked quite cute on the hanger...but when I put it on my 5'3" body it looked like I was missing the other half of the jacket...wonder what someone 5'10" looks like in these just about fit over my looked like someone cut off the bottom half of the I tried another one on...a different style cropped jacket...I felt like Goldilocks...the same thing happened...only it was even shorter...think this is one fashion trend I am going to pass on.)

- Dramatic Lash (Love long dramatic lashes...if I would just get that laser eye surgery then I wouldn't have to wear glasses as much and you would see my dramatic lashes if I had some...will have to check out the beauty counter...although my eyes always get irritated from special mascaras...except for my Almay mascara...hope they have a dramatic lash variety.)

- Structured Handbag (I got it...I got it...I'm ready...I bought a beautiful fall structured handbag at my favorite crafts fair this summer. It was designed by Susy is going to be my lucky "8" bag...and it is structured...who knew I was buying a trendy bag...thank you Susy says on her website at bags have "colors and designs that lift up your spirits"...can't wait to use my new structured Susy bag to ensure my "spirits are lifted"...I definitely need my "spirits to be in high gear" this year.)

It's's 5768...soon it will be 2008...and I'm turning 50...and I have a structured Susy bag to "lift my spirits"...and a red patent belt to make me shine...let the new season begin!


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Laura said...

ooh, I loved that "Joy" bag with the deep black squiggles. Only, it seems so small for all that money!