Sunday, September 16, 2007

From Thirtysomething to Fiftysomething

As I get ready to watch the Emmy Awards, I am reminded of my favorite television show from 20 years was called "Thirtysomething"...I loved that show...I so identified with that show in my was all about couples who were in their thirties...who had young kids...who were struggling with their careers, motherhood, and their life as baby boomers...just like I was in my thirties.

How did 20 years pass so is it that Hope, Melissa, Nancy and Ellen...are now in their fifties and I am approaching my 50th too?

And I just read that they are spokespeople for a new campaign called Keep Moving (, sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation and Tylenol. According to a feature in AARP magazine (yes, I'm still reading my husband's AARP's not MY magazine...YET...but...every so often there is a good article that gives me an advance of what I can expect when I'm 50+)...this campaign promotes the benefits of exercise and healthy eating for people suffering from knee or hip osteoarthritis (I think I have arthritis in my back...I remember a few years ago my doctor said that I had the beginnings of arthritis in my is not fun...and it's been aching lately...but...if my friends from "Thirtysomething" have arthritis...then I'm in good company.)

So, bag my arthritis for this evening...tonight is the Emmy third favorite awards show...after the Golden Globes and the Oscars...tonight I'm not going to worry about my arthritis...tonight I'm not going to identify with my former "Thirtysomething" crowd who are now fiftysomething...tonight I'm going to relate to my new TV friends...the younger crowd I now hang out with on weekend and weeknight evenings...the crowd from my favorite shows...from Grey's Anatomy (I'll keep dreaming of McDreamy)...from Desperate Housewives (love those suburban housewives)...from The Office (just like my office friends at work)...from Entourage (one day you guys will be 50+ too...but I'll be eightysomething then...ooh...that hurts)...from The Sopranos (Carmela looked great this past season - you go girl)...and from The Hills (the only reality show I watch besides occasionally watching American Idol).

It's September of my 49th's the Emmy Awards...I'm going to get to bed late tonight...better get my under-eye concealer ready for tomorrow's circles.


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Julie Pippert said...

I loved that show too, and have enjoyed things those actors have done since, too.

I was a decade or so behind but still identified in some way. :)

I don't know how 20 years does seem funny to think.

I missed the emmy's but enjoyed catching this post. :)

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