Tuesday, February 20, 2007

As Time Goes By

I'm traveling this week. Whenever I travel I bring along my handy Timex Expedition watch. I love this watch because it lights up, so I can see the time when I wake up in the middle of the night. I just push the little button and I know exactly what time it is...and how much sleep I'm missing. This is especially useful, since when I take off my eye glasses I cannot see the alarm clock. I wish hotels would accommodate people like me and put alarm clocks on both sides of the bed. I always seem to sleep on the side that is not next to the alarm clock.

My old Timex Expedition watch up and died on me a few weeks ago...so I bought a new one. It was digital...not like my old Timex Expedition watch which had a regular face with a dial you could easily adjust. It wasn't until I arrived on the other side of the country and put on my watch that I realized the time was wrong. Being the technologically illiterate person that I am I forgot to bring the instructions. My son had set my new digital watch when I originally bought it, so I thought everything would be fine.

It was 11 pm MT. I was determined to change the time on this digital watch...after all, I'm not 50 yet. At 49 I should be able to change the time on a digital watch. How hard could it be? Ha! I pushed every button...I got the laps moving (guess I should have gone running)...I got the alarm turned on (to the wrong time, but it never went off)...I moved the hours, the minutes, and the seconds (just not all synchronized together)...after an hour had gone by I decided the effort was futile.

I put the watch back in my suitcase...washed my face...brushed my teeth...put on my Estee Lauder cream...went to bed...and waited for my wake up call.

Who needs to keep track of time anyway?


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