Sunday, February 18, 2007

Snow on My Eyebrows

Well, I just woke up this morning and found another white hair peeking out from one of my eyebrows. What should I do?

Do I:
a) pluck it out and start to leave an empty space
b) leave it alone and look like there is a white spec on my eyebrow
c) dye my eyebrows, that is probably not easy to do...will have to ask my colorist the next time I see him

This is not the first white eyebrow hair I've found and I don't like it.

When I was a young girl, I remember my Aunt Dorothy. She didn't have any eyebrows. I always wondered why she had a fake line above her eyes where her eyebrows belonged. She would apply her fake eyebrows with a brown eyebrow pencil. My mom said my Aunt Dorothy plucked her eyebrows too much. I wonder if she had too many white hairs in her eyebrows?

InStyle magazine just had an article in their February issue about Brow Gurus...wonder what the Brow Gurus in NYC would say about this situation? I may have to read up on eyebrow tips on They seemed to have a lot of tips on the subject.

Guess I'll see what develops during the next few least there are no white hairs on top of my least not for now.


1 comment:

zanne said...

i've plucked a stray white one or two, just can't remember if it was in my eyebrow or on my chin... so you see, getting to 50 does have its advantages.

the aunt dorothy story made me think of a dear family friend who, at 73, finally had "real" eyebrows tatooed on. she was thrilled-- no more brow pencil smearing off on her husband's shirt when dancing cheek to cheek.