Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Oscars - Best Weekend of the Year

It's Oscar weekend. While my husband and son had their Superbowl weekend earlier this month...Oscar weekend is MY of the best of the year. No matter how old I am, I'll always love Oscar weekend...the gowns and dresses and jewelry...the Barbara Walter's special...the red carpet...and of course, the actual awards ceremony. I watch it all.

I just heard that the E channel will start the red carpet at 6:00 pm on Sunday. I guess I will have to have an early dinner. And, I'll have to polish my nails during the afternoon, since I will not be able to polish them during my regular Sunday night at 7:30 pm nail polishing time. Need to stay totally focused on the looking down to polish my nails or I might miss an important dress!

It's nice to see those 50+ women up on the Best Actress list. I just adore Meryl Streep, She was terrific in The Devil Wears Prada...what incredible the saying goes..."to die for." Although, I'm sure Helen Mirren is likely to win. I did see The Queen...I took my mom to see The Queen. While I thought Helen Mirren was excellent at playing The Queen, I thought the storyline could have been told in about 15 minutes...not two hours. As for The Queen's wardrobe...I won't talk about that. In fact, I think I dozed off during the movie...maybe I missed something good...maybe I should see it again when it comes out on DVD.

Each year I try to see all the nominated movies prior to the Oscars. I've seen quite a few this year...but didn't make it to all on the list. Tonight, I'm going to try to have a movie marathon and see The Departed and maybe try to catch Babel too. I still won't accomplish seeing all the nominated movies...maybe next year.

Maybe next year for my 50th birthday I'll have an Oscar party. That would be fun. I'll invite all my female friends and we can have a chick flick movie marathon. We'll watch all my favorite chick flicks, like:

- Pretty Woman (Julia Roberts and Richard Gere at their best)
- Roman Holiday(since I'm an Audrey Hepburn fan...and a Gregory Peck fan)
- Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (since I'm also a Katherine Hepburn fan)
- Sweet Home Alabama (a sappy romance movie with Reese Witherspoon and some very cute guys)
- Annie Hall (Diane Keaton and Woody Allen are a perfect team...and this is such a reminds me of when I was in my twenties and always dressed like Annie Hall)
- The Way We Were (adore Robert Redford and always makes me cry)

I'll have to keep thinking of other chick-flicks that I've enjoyed during the past years and add them to the list...that's if I can still remember them all. For those of you who are reading...please let me know your favorite chick-flicks...maybe it will prompt my memory.

This is actually a doubly good weekend...not only is it Oscar weekend, but it's also the New York Times Spring Fashion Magazine weekend in the Sunday paper...and I get that part of the paper on Saturday. This is great. Now I can read the Fashion Magazine on Saturday evening instead of during my usual Sunday night New York Times reading time which is after my usual nail polishing time.

Life couldn't be better!



Laura said...

So, Helen Mirren's dress was the absolute best; also loved that honored woman manager in the black and red gown--so different and beautiful. I did love Kate Blachette's silvery number but shouldn't they design something that allows one to eat for a week before the show?

Anonymous said...

Movies to add to your list:

2 Weeks Notice or Miss Congeniality or Forces of Nature- something with Sandra Bullock

The Story of Us with Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer. It will make you cry, but it is SO TRUE!

I'm sure none of these won any Oscars, but they sure are favorites of mine.