Saturday, February 3, 2007

Let's Be Brief

When you are approaching 50 and your body is changing into a pear, it is a challenge to find the perfect brief. I don't know about you, but I cannot wear those thongs...not sure how any woman any age wears those things. They must be sooooo uncomfortable.

A few years ago, I finally found a perfect low-rise brief that fit me and then they discontinued the style. Why do manufacturers have to change styles of underwear every few months? Don't they know that when women find an undergarment they would be nice if they could continue to buy it???

I always think of Bridget Jones Diary when I think of briefs. Remember when she wore those huge pantaloons and Hugh Grant made a joke about them?

Well, I was very happy the other day when I went hunting through the racks in Macy's intimates department and found that Warner brought back my favorite style....or should I say it was pretty close to the original. They had to go add a few features. Now they call it "The End" with a tagline "Give Your Butt A Boost." There's an additional seam up the center of the underwear to enhance your shape. Whatever it is, I am just so happy that my microfiber brief is back on the rack.

Do you know that in August there is actually a National Underwear Day? It's sponsored by, a leading retailer of men’s and women’s underwear. I think next time Warner takes away my favorite underwear, I'm going to complain on National Underwear Day! According to the press release, it says National Underwear Day is an event where the latest trends in underwear receive more exposure—literally.

Interestingly, most of the underwear sold today is dramatically lower on the hips with an increasing number of women opting for seamless intimate apparel. According to data from 125,000 customers, below is a breakdown of women's underwear style preferences:

Bikini briefs – 37%
Briefs – 23%
Thongs – 19%
Boy shorts – 17%
Other – 4%

Now that I have my underwear back, I can start hunting for a pair of jeans that fit me.

Briefly Yours,


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