Monday, February 12, 2007

Spring Is In The Air

I get so excited when all the spring issues of my favorite magazines arrive in the mail..InStyle, Lucky, Vogue. This weekend I couldn't even wait for their arrivals. On Saturday, despite the frigid temperatures and impending snowstorm, I went out and bought myself some new spring clothes. I bought a beige suit and a black and white houndstooth knee length jacket. Now, I can't wait for spring to arrive so I can wear my new clothes.

As you know, the groundhog did not see his shadow, which means spring will be here sooner than we I better be ready! (Always rationalizing when I make a purchase.)

Every year, I say I have enough clothes for the season, but I always need some new ones. Speaking of styles changing...Neiman Marcus had a cute advertisement in the paper this weekend with "Ten MUST-HAVES For the Season." Since this is the last spring I will be 40+, I may just have to purchase all 10. Here goes:

1. Something Silver (I don't wear a whole lot of silver, gold is really my color, but I'll see what I can do.)
2. Flat Shoes (yeah, I love flats. So glad they are a must have for spring 2007)
3. Eyelet (pretty and feminine, I haven't had anything eyelet since I was in grade school.)
4. Cropped Jacket (these short jackets look better on pear shaped, short people like me...more good news.)
5. Above-the-Knee Hemlines (did anyone tell them this is not appropriate for 49 year old women?)
6. Dresses (I like dresses, only can never find any dresses that fit me...will have to look harder this season.)
7. Patent (I love, love, love, black patent leather - shoes, belts, bags - you name it. I wish I had saved my black patent leather wide belt from about 10 years ago. I always tell myself NOT to through out any accessories because the fashion cycle repeats itself. Did I listen...noooooo. Now I'll just have to buy a new one.)
8. Wide Belts (Not sure these will look good on a pear shape either...but will try one on next time I'm shopping)
9. Delicate Blouses (Hum, must mean pretty fabrics, feminine, might have to get one of these too.)
10. Statement Rings (I have small, thin fingers...don't think I will want a big ring on my finger.)

Let's see...out of the 10 MUST HAVES...I can wear about FIVE maybe SIX. And I don't see any houndstooth or beige suits listed. Maybe I will have to go return them...serves me right for not first reading my fashion mags or listening to Neiman Marcus.

On second thought, at this age, I think I'm entitled to make my own fashion statement. Houndstooth it is, and the beige suit...I think I'll keep it.


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Joan said...

Yikes! Except for the Silver MUST-HAVE, I'm doomed. Not one of the other "haves" will ever make it into my closet. What are these fashionista folk thinking when they come up with these lists...obviously not women over the age of 50...or 40 for that matter!