Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Say You Love Me

Since it is Valentine's Day and I'm stuck inside because of the icy weather, I guess the flower delivery man could not deliver my dozens of roses. And the Tiffany jewelry shipment is delayed. At this point, I'd be happy with a single red rose from WaWa.

My husband does not celebrate Valentine's Day. The last time he gave me a Valentine present was 24 years ago when we were dating. It was a gold heart necklace. I remember it vividly when he handed me the red box. How romantic! I need to remind him that it's still okay to be romantic...I'm still open to the Valentine gifting thing...will have to leave some hints next year, especially since it will be right after my 50th birthday.

My husband likes war movies and I'm into romantic chick-flicks. In fact, we've even been known to go to the movies at the same time, but see different movies. It's our version of the double feature. Wonder if other couples practice this?

Since it is Valentine's Day, I think I'll watch my absolutely favorite movie of all time...Pretty Woman with Richard Gere (at his all time best) and Julia Roberts (what woman would not want to be given carte blanche to buy whatever clothes she wanted on Rodeo Drive and then go out with Richard Gere?) Even Roy Orbison's song at the end of the movie is fabulous. It is one of the only movies I have ever owned...however, after more than 10 years of constant usage, the VHS tape is pretty worn out. I may have to buy a new DVD copy for myself sometime soon.

My other Valentine tradition is handing out Hershey Kisses. This year, the Hershey company went all out and had different varieties...dark chocolate, strawberry, caramel...I bought them all. Since I did't go to work today, I now have three bags of Hershey Kisses sitting in my briefcase. That's pretty dangerous for me.

Guess I'll go watch Pretty some Hershey Kisses...and wait for Valentine's Day 2008. I may just buy a Tiffany gift for myself in 2008...I'll be 50 and I deserve it!



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