Saturday, March 3, 2007

"The Secret" Pursuit

I was on a mission today. I had read about a new self-help book called "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne in this week's Newsweek and wanted to get a copy to see what all the hype was about....especially when I read that the author was in her 50s when she wrote the book. Oprah had featured Byrne on a two-day show back in February...that should have given me a clue that "The Secret" would not be an easy find.

I thought I'd go to Borders because I have a frequent buyer card there. I arrived at the store fully thinking that I would just run in and pick up a copy of the book and head home to read it...I think it is a pretty quick read...based on all the articles about it, I thought the codes in "The Secret" might provide some important wisdom for my 49th year...or shall I say my year to 50.

I walked up to the section where the new books are displayed...I scanned the section for new non-fiction books...there was Sidney Poitier's book (the one on the Oprah book list)...there was Mitch Albom's new book...there was Joan Didion's book (which I also want to read but it will have to wait for my retirement reading list)...and then there was a DVD of "The Secret" the place where the book belonged...I picked up the DVD to make sure there weren't any books hiding behind it...I figured maybe this book was so popular that there was a special display for it some place else in the store. Then I went to the information all went down hill from there...

"You want what book?" the salesperson said. "The Secret," I said. "Well we don't have any copies left, we're totally sold out," she said. "When are you getting them in?" I said anxiously....since by now...I was really on a mission to get this self-help marvel. With 1.75 million copies projected to be in print by yesterday...I wanted one to be mine. When I asked her when she expected the next shipment...she showed me a two-page waiting list (SADNESS ON MY FACE)...which meant that I would not get a copy when this week's shipment arrived (ALMOST TEARS)...nor was she certain how many copies of the book Borders would even receive by week's end (A DROPLET ABOUT TO COME OUT OF THE LEFT EYE).

I wasn't going to put my name at the end of a two-page waiting list...not me...not when I'm counting down to my 50th birthday...I was determined to get my copy...determined to find out about the secret of "The Secret" book's success...soooo....

I drove to Barnes & Noble....I thought I had nothing to lose...only "The Secret" to gain. I parked...went in the store...went right to the new books section...the new non-fiction...scanned all the shelves...saw the same new non-fiction books that were at Borders...and again..."The Secret" book was nowhere to be seen. I headed to the information desk...knowing that there would be no other "The Secret" display...or secret hiding place for these books. I asked the salesperson, "Do you have "The Secret," she replied, "No"..."Well, do you know when the next shipment will arrive?" I asked..."No," she replied again, "We're not getting any more copies right now (NOW THERE WAS ANGER ON MY BROW). Barnes & Noble only has a few copies left in its warehouse and is not shipping any of them to its stores...BUT, you can order a copy through barnes& and they will ship it to your house."

For a moment I thought ... should I just go home and order the book on and pay for overnight shipping so I can get the book on Tuesday...WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY?...I said to myself...snap out of it...what if is sold out and I miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. I signed up immediately...I whipped out my credit card IMMEDIATELY. Just $20.75 including shipping and "The Secret" would be mailed to my house within the next 5-7 days. I was so happy I almost kissed the salesperson (BIG BIG SMILE ON MY FACE AS I WALKED OUT OF THE STORE).

What should I do now, I thought...I have to celebrate. I drove directly to a Starbucks and ordered a decaf grande skim vanilla latte and drove home and sipped my latte and made a toast to myself.

Mission accomplished.

"The Secret" will be mine by next week...that's hopefully if the postman or UPS man doesn't steal is a hot commodity. And for all you readers out there who want to purchase a'll just have to wait...When I arrive home I clicked on Amazon and "The Secret" is sold out...there is a 4 to 6 weeks waiting time...but, not to worry...keep reading my blog and maybe I'll let you in on some of the secrets behind "The Secret" in one of my future posts!


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marianne said...

Hi Judi -

It's Marianne - your freshman roomate from Cornell. Have been looking for an excuse to contact you for a long time - now I see you have this great blog...I will be 50 in September....lots has happened in the last 30 years - please email me at to catch up.....hope to year from you....