Sunday, July 8, 2007

49 and a Half

This is a big weekend...there has been a lot of celebrating was 7-7-07 (Eva favorite Desperate Housewife got married...will have to get the new People magazine when it comes out so I can read all about her wedding)...but today is my special I turned 49.5 or really if I'm counting the 12 months in the calendar'm 49.6...with six more months to go until I turn 50...regardless of how many more months to go...the big 5-0 will soon be quick as I can count...1-2-3-4-5-6!

Then I'll have to put the next check in the box when I fill out all those customer service longer 45-49...after six months I'll be 50 -55...and I'll officially be an AARP longer will have to read my husband's AARP Magazine...I'll have my very own magazine subscription (along with all my other magazine subscriptions)....

I took special note of this month's AARP was all about the "50 Things You Need To Know by 50"...guess I better study up during the next six months...out of the "50 Things" there were a few I thought were more pertinent than

- #2 How to forgive (I agree with George Takei from Heroes...his parents advice is good..."his parents taught him that being bitter only pickles the one that stews in the brine...the bullies are the ones stewing in their own spite and ignorance. Once you realize that those who hurt you also hurt themselves, it is easier to forgive them."...therefore, during the next six months I am going to finally forgive the little girl named Jackie who tried to beat me up in second grade because I won the spelling bee...she was ignorant...and jealous...and I still to this day have not forgiven her...and how she negatively impacted my elementary years...and my entire life...but it is time...I am going to forgive Jackie for her terrible will be liberating...just like George and his parents said.

- #6 How to lose weight (Eat. Less) (This "Tip #6" has been easy for me the past month...I've actually lost quite a few pounds...with my stress at peak levels due to my husband's illness I just haven't had an appetite (My Soulmate - June 17)...I've been forcing myself to eat...but I have been eating less...but when he gets better...all better...and starts to eat again...I'll start to eat more again too...then I'll have to follow...

- #7 on How to look like you've lost weight (According to this tip I should style my hair a 1/4 inch higher than normal to make my face seem thinner...I do put a lot of Catwalk TIGI Root Boost in my hair so I have #7 covered...and it also says to wear rectangular-framed glasses...funny, but I just bought a new pair of eyeglasses and they are more rectangular...maybe I had intuition about this part of my soon to be fifty-something I won't need any new glasses when I turn 50...good thing because I spend mucho dollars on these new titanium eyeglasses and they are supposed to last forever.)

- #22 Don't try to talk like a teen. ("It says that by the time you understand the lingo it won't be cool anymore"...I did ask my kids to teach me how to send a text message on my cell phone...especially now that I purchased the family plan with unlimited texting for all...I don't know all the shortcuts for texting...I tried to text the word "Hi" to my daughter today with my new text messaging but it kept typing "His" son says he will teach me the lingo...better learn this #22 during the next six months...I want to stay cool.)

- #45 Tell a Joke. (I'm not good at telling jokes...I've been listening to Whoopi Goldberg's show in the morning and always like to hear her colleague Cobby tell his jokes...I try to remember each joke but can't write it down while I'm driving...but I'm going to try harder during the next six months...let's see...what was that joke I liked the other week...oh, yes..."What do you call a seagull who lives by the bay????...a bay-gull"...I've got this one down...but I know I can do better...maybe if I laugh more it will ease my pain...and maybe I'll learn more jokes so I can share them with my husband when he gets all will be fun when he can smile more and laugh again too.)

So much to do in the next six months leading up to my 50th...I also want to learn how to load songs and podcasts onto my IPod (I did see that new IPhone in the AT&T store the other day...quite a nifty piece of technology...and it appeared like it was quite easy to use...lots of pictures and a touch tone screen...maybe I'll buy one for myself for my 50th birthday...or add that to my list of birthday options...will have to see if it fits in the pocket of an Armani suit...

I can take my time...I've got six more months...that's half a much can happen until 1-8-08.



Joyce said...

I wonder if "Jackie" is a regular reader of your blog?! I suppose she is also 49.5 staring 50 in the eyes. Probably going through her list of regrets and remembering her terrible behavior after losing the spelling bee to that brainiac, Judi!

Congrats on finally releasing that negative energy.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I just happened to see your post.I,too will turn the big 50 come January and am also more cognizant of these last few months leading up to it!
But you know I still feel young,look young and believe that age is really just a number.Plus my husbands Aarp magazine-it's not too bad LOL!
So Happy 49 1/2 bday to both of us!