Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Chin Ups

Lately I feel like I'm doing chin ups...yes...I'm trying to keep my chin up at all times...with my chin up I know that things will get better...and my husband will mend...it's also harder to shed tears when your chin is up...and it may prevent excess lines from forming on my neck too...which is a good thing.

I'm also trying to get back to some type of exercise routine now that my gym has finally reopened...it is truly a fabulous gym...especially for a female baby boomer body that is approaching 50...they have all new equipment...too much for me to handle...too much for me to learn...too much for me to take in all at once.

The other day I did find a new piece of equipment that quickly has become my favorite piece of equipment...it is just right for my 49 year old(almost 49-1/2 in a few days...July 8th to be exact) body...it is called a Nu-step recumbent cross-trainer...I love it...I absolutely...I positively...love this machine...I may have to think about trading in my recumbent bicycle in my bedroom for a new recumbent cross-trainer...why not cross train and work two parts of the body at the same time rather than just one.

Today after I finished my circuit training (keeping my chin up at all the times)...I went straight to the recumbent cross-trainer and spent 30 minutes on this absolutely...this positively...wonderful new machine...arms going back and forth...legs going back and forth...just like the Precor elliptical machine (which is my least favorite machine in the gym...always was...and always will be...don't know how people synchronize their bodies to work the elliptical machine...my 49 year old body can do about 5 minutes on a Precor elliptical machine and then I feel like I'm going to fall down)...only I was sitting all comfy on a padded seat...listening to my favorite music on my Ipod...the trainer at the gym said this is a very popular machine for rehab patients.

My hubby who is now in the hospital would really like this machine...when he gets stronger...and is ready for rehab....I'm going to buy him one of these machines for our bedroom...(maybe we can extend our bedroom and add a gym with a recumbent cross-trainer and a Lazyboy to sit in afterwards...after we're all done cross-training).

Guess for now I'll just use it at the gym...and maybe try out all the other new equipment...I may have to get myself a personal trainer...I do need a personal trainer to teach me how to keep my body in shape for my 50+ years...and how to use all the new equipment at the gym.

I need all the extra strength I can get to weather through this stormy time in my life...can't let my chin fall...nope...chin ups are permanently in my exercise repetoire for now.


Looking Great While I Exercise: Isn't it wonderful that a new women's activewear store opened near my house...just in time for me to get all new exercise clothing to wear when I work out on my new favorite recumbent cross-trainer machine ...and they sent two $20 coupons to me to try out their store...the store is called LUCY...you can find this activewear at lucy.com too (and they are having a great sale right now) ...I just love the name LUCY and I love their exercise clothes...mostly cotton and comfy fabrics...and they have great capri exercise pants...just the kind I like...not too short for my legs and not too long...a little expensive...but worth it...need to look good on my recumbent cross-trainer...don't want to wear old exercise clothes on a new machine.

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Rhea said...

My gym has exercise physiologists who are very good at giving you the right exercises for your goals. I am 49. Going to the gym changes everything!