Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Bowl of Cherries...and Lemons Too

I've been consuming a lot of cherries lately...and my life does feel like that fruit...or like that fruitful saying..."life is a bowl of cherries"...and that is exactly how my summer is going...there are some rotten cherries, some better cherries, and some hard shiny cherries...I like the shiny cherries...the good ones...and I hope this 49th summer...starts to get shiny again.

Today it got a little bit shiny...thankfully the staples that were stapled to my head due to my head injury were taken out of my head...everyone was offering me a staple remover this week...but I decided it was best to go to the doctor to remove the staples...and I'm so glad my head is back together again!

My husband was sitting up in a chair today...that was a shiny cherry too...he is still not able to talk due to his tracheotomy (My Soulmate - June 17)...but I've been playing Vanna White each day as I visit him at the hospital...pointing to letters on a page and trying to spell words...I'm not a very good lip reader...may have to learn how to lip read so I can understand everything he is saying...he cannot eat cherries yet...he might miss this season of cherries...but hopefully he will get all better and enjoy some shiny cherries with me during my 50th summer in 2008.

Then there was my pitty momment last night...I had a hot flash...a real live hot flash was so hot it woke me was the pits...the cherry pits...I could not get back to sleep the rest of the night.

Maybe I should try to eat other fruits this summer and the pits will go away...I do love blueberries...blueberries are good for you too...lots of anti-oxidants...and there are no pits to worry about.

My friend sent me a cute gift was a fruitful gift...and the card said, "When life hands you lemons, screw making lemonade. Smear lemons all over yourself and smell wonderful" was a great gift filled with C.O. Bigelow brightening formulas for luminous skin...lemon cream body wash...hand treatment, body scrub and body cream with skin - brightening's just what I needed...forget the cherries...I'm ready to brighten my days with lemons.

And I'm heading off to the Blogher conference in Chicago meet fellow female learn new things about learn more about the new passion I've discovered during my 49th year...I may pack some of that lemon brightening cream...not taking any cherries with me on this pits for me for a few days...I'm on holiday.



N said...

I'm so excited for you.. no staples, your soulmate seated, blogher on the horizon... I wish I had joined you for the trip!

As for the lemon scent - try my favorite L'Occitane Citrus Verbena Fragrance and Verbena Shower Gel - I couldn't start the day without it :)

Enjoy your trip!!

Marijean said...

It was great to meet you at Blogher! I was hoping to get your contact info. Please email me at marijean dot jaggers at gmail dot com