Monday, July 30, 2007

Free To Be Me

Who would have thought that at 49 years old I would be meeting so many new friends in a virtual community I created...and who would have thought that I would have the opportunity to meet hundreds of "blogging sisters" and form a bond with so many fellow female bloggers during an exhilarating Blogher conference.

Yes...for two glorious days in Chicago...two fabulous days in Chicago...I was free to be me...just Judi with an "i"...or should I say JudI with a capital "I"...I was strong, I was authentic, I was a blogger, I was 49 approaching 50, and I was free...not a wife who has a sick husband...not a mother who is trying to be strong for her kids...not a corporate executive who is a worker-bee...I was cooking...I was free to be whoever I wanted to be...and free to say whatever I wanted to say.

I felt like "That Girl"...remember Marlo Thomas...I loved "That Girl" when I was growing up...I always wanted to be "That Girl"...wanted to have my hair in a flip at the shoulders...she was free...she bounced around...she had the Donald...she had a great apartment...she wore mini skirts...and patent leather boots...yes...I felt like "That Girl" for two glorious days in Chicago.

It was amazing...when I arrived I only knew one person...but by the time I left on Sunday morning...I had met so many wonderful many talented women...each unique in their own way...each making a difference...whether they are blogging about:

- post-partum depression (a very serious issue for women...something I luckily never had to deal with...I did struggle a bit after my first child...I stayed up nights just making sure my daughter was breathing okay...and she did have I was up quite a few nights and days...and days and nights...driving my daughter around the block...putting her car seat on the dishwasher and washing machine in hopes that the vibration would quiet her never worked...but I never had post-partum depression...not with my son either...just sleep deprivation.)

- cars (I met Patty from, which features automotive advice for women...she was a fellow baby boomer...I liked Patty...I'll have to check out her blog if I ever decide to buy that Acura that I like...or maybe a sports car when I turn 50...just like my 60+ year old sister-in-law who just bought a beautiful new dark silver Honda Civic Coupe...then I'll check out Patty's other service where you can blab about your car at

- mommyisms (Wish blogging was around when I was a mommy with young kids...not that I would have had much extra time to read all the mommy blogs...but it would have been neat to be able to check in with other mommies who were experiencing what I was experiencing when my kids were tiny tots...sites like Mums The Wurd...or Another Working Mom...or STLWorkingMom.)

- divorce (I'm not separated, divorced or facing a I don't think I will need fact, when my husband recovers and is all better...and we celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2009...I'm going to renew my marriage vows...just like guest speaker Elizabeth Edwards told us she and her husband John were going to do...and I'm going to likely be able to fit into my wedding dress...and my hubby will likely fit into his tux...and we'll go dancing at the Rainbow Room...or maybe stay at the Pierre Hotel in NYC...where I always wanted to get was just too expensive 20+ years ago...but now...I don't care...because when my hubby recovers...we're matter what it costs...he is worth it!)

- scrapbooks (There is even a blog called Scrapblog where I can create a world for my pictures...must check this site out...sounds like so much fun.)

Shame I had to leave Chicago...but then I wouldn't be able to come back and share all I learned with my community...Judi is back home...the "I" is back in lower case...but I'm still is lingering...I think I'll rent some DVDs of "That Girl" this weekend.



Jody DeVere said...

Judi Great to meet you too. One cool almost boomer chick.

Great memories! Bring on BlogHer08...

Jody DeVere

Kaleigh said...

What a great summary of the conference! I'm still trying to wrap my head around it and post about it.

Great meeting you, and I love your blog!

Maria said...


It was wonderful to see you at the conference and I'm glad you found it exhilarating.

A "That Girl" marathon sounds like great fun.

Laura said...

I loved that Girl, too! But sometimes she was too much and I had to change the channel. I did like her Dad, Mr. Marie; especially because he wasn't thrilled with her boyfriend. I don't know why that appealed to me, but I guess she was just so cute I couldn't stand her. I feel like I still work with people like that!