Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Fabulous Food Weekend

Coping...I'm coping through the ups and downs of my life right now (My Soulmate - June 17)...with the help of good friends...a close family...and some fabulous that makes me feel good...

Friday night food included:
- corned beef on rye with Gulden's mustard
- real deli coleslaw and a sour pickle
- coupled with a bottle of sparkling wine (a few glasses make things go down so much smoother...make life a little lighter...and helps me sleep too)
- seven layer cake with chocolate frosting and raspberry filling between the layers (just like my dad used to say..."I'll have an eight course meal...give me a good piece of seven layer cake and a glass of milk"...I had the cake...and a glass of was so good.)
...three layer cake with vanilla frosting and colored sprinkles (as my friend encouraged me...why only have one piece of cake when you can have two...especially if the other one has colored sprinkles on top of the vanilla frosting.)

To top off the night my friend and I watched "The Holiday" with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet...where they switch goes to England and the other to Los Angeles...a great chick flick...just what I needed to top off my two pieces of cake.

On Saturday, off to Wegman's upscale grocery store I went...I needed some hardcore hubby was not doing too well and either was I...after leaving my hairdresser (and sneaking a peek in one of the consignment shops next to the salon to cheer myself up... I bought a Dana Buchman gold silk like a glove...was one of my prime colors...even if it was originally owned by someone 49...who cares who else wore was mine now...and it cheered me up)...then I was off to the upscale grocery store to purchase some more food fabulous food...

- Angus beef..."I'll have a pound of that wonderful meat," I said to the butcher;
- Summer Pasta Salad..."That sounds lovely and light, I'll have a half pound of that summer salad with wagon wheel pasta, fresh peas, broccoli and corn," I said to the deli counter lady (although it was not such a light was loaded with ranch dressing and very few summer veggies...but it had a lovely description and sounded so summery);
- a whole seedless was so cute (it turned out to be totally overripe and I had to throw it away after my son sliced it open...but it was a very cute time I'll listen to my son and buy a slice of watermelon so I can see how ripe it really is);
- whole grain tortilla chips...haven't tried them yet...but they do look good on the packaging;
- ciabiatta rolls...these fresh, flat crispy rolls are sooooo delicious...and I made myself a scrumptious chicken sandwich for dinner when I got home...even if I wasn't that hungry...I poured myself the last glass of wine from my Friday night wine bottle and I ate the looked and tasted really good.

To top off my Saturday son and I went to see the new Pixar movie "Ratatouille"...speaking of food fabulous was fun fabulous fun...with rats named Remy and Emile...and a guy named Linguini...and scenes of Paris at was simply the best escape...without consuming an ounce. I can't wait until it comes out on DVD...hopefully for my 50th birthday...maybe my husband will be all better by then and we will watch it together on our big screen husband is a great cook and I know he will love this movie...when he is better...and he can eat real food again...not that tasteless tube food they are feeding him now (but it is nourishing him so I won't complain).

Meantime...I want him to know that I am consuming all the fabulous foods that he likes...and when he is all better...he will too...we'll have a fabulous food weekend...just like I did this weekend...only it will be that much better because he will be enjoying it with me.


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