Friday, August 3, 2007

Sky-diving and Bungee Jumping

Lately my life feels like it is in a free more roller coasters...I'm so over roller coasters...and to think I used to be afraid of roller coasters...with the crises that I've been through in my 49th year...I can take on roller coasters...yes...give me the "Batman" ride at Great Adventure...I might just have to take a ride on that ride of all rides.

This week there were so many ups and downs and downs and ups with my husband's illness that I thought I was sky-diving...or bungee jumping.(My Soulmate - June 17) One day he had 103 or 104 temperature and his lung infection was raging in his body and the next day when the doctors found the source of the infection and fixed him all up...he was back flying high in the temperature...talking through his tracheotomy...and resting comfortably...and so was I.

I am actually used to my new routine now...not that I like this routine...I wish someone would invent a "hug" machine...a portable "hug" machine would be that I could take out of the closet when I arrive home each day...after I'm done with my sky-diving and bungee jumping routine...I would like a machine that would hug me tight...and tell me everything is going to be okay...such a shame that this invention does not exist...I bet there would be a good market for such a machine...I can even picture the advertisements...maybe I will have to work on this invention when I turn 50.

I would also like an invention that would eliminate all the weeds that are growing between the cracks in the stone walkway in the front of my house...I hate those ugly weeds...each day I go out to get my newspaper I pull up a few weeds...and they just grow back...the roots of the weeds are too deep...and like life's ups and downs...those weeds just seem to pop up everywhere...they leave no stone unturned...they just have to crowd in the crevices and upset me...but they don't get me down for too day I'm going to re-cement the walkway and then all the weeds will be gone...I'll show those weeds that I am stronger than them...I'm a skydiver...I'm a bungee jumper.

Now that I'm down on the ground again...I think I'll just go get myself a piece of that peach berry pie I bought from the farmer's market is my to strawberry rhubarb which is really my absolute favorite...yes...I deserve a diving and bungee jumping and weed wacking are hard work...I might just have two pieces of pie tonight.



Barbara said...

I don't have a hug machine, Judi, but I'm sending you a virtual hug -- you hang in there girl!

BTW -- it was great meeting you at the conference -- I'm the one whose 50th birthday is two days after yours!..OOOOOOO <-- virtual hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy...

Laura has been filling me in on all that's been happening and I've been meaning to send you a note. You are not just a bungee jumping, roller- coaster are the "muscle-woman" at the carnival! I so admire your guts in getting through all of this.

Anyway, my thoughts are with you as I get updates from Laura.

I wish you calm....

Nancy Gewirtz