Friday, August 24, 2007

Climb Every Mountain

Every time I think of mountains, I think about the "Sound of Music" movie...when Maria is up on top of the mountain and the nuns are singing the song to her...the song about climbing every mountain...maybe I'm thinking about mountains because I feel like my husband is getting ready to climb his next mountain...and that means I'm going to climb one too.

My husband actually just reached another milestone on his journey to well-being...little by little my soulmate is getting better .(My Soulmate - June 17)...he left intensive care and moved to the other side of the progressive was a scary climb...for him and for me...but he did it...yes...this week he did it...and the change is good.

Gail Blanke, the AOL Body Career Coach, said that when you see a mountain in front of you, "you should stand as if you have already climbed the mountain"...she said that "it is always better to start at the top of the mountain and work backwards"...that's because "when you are standing at the top you can see clearer than at the bottom"...she said to "stand as if you have already climbed the mountain...then start working down one side and then down the other side."

I started to think about the mountain top as if my husband had already climbed it...I thought about what it will look like once he (and I) are on top of that steep husband will be stronger on top of the mountain...he will be able to use his hands to eat on top of the mountain...he will be able to sit up on top of the mountain instead of lying down...and he will be able to breathe out of his mouth...there's no tracheotomy on the top of the mountain that we're on...just lots of fresh air's sunny and we will be embracing the panoramic view...with arms outstretched...just like Maria in the opening number of the "Sound of Music"...except we won't be singing like Maria was when she was on top of the singing for us...we're not the singing types.

It's all so clear to me as I sit on top of the we just have to work backwards and see how long it will take to get there...will it be a week...I don't know...a month...I don't know...longer...I don't know...I don't know...I don't know...will it be before my 50th birthday...yep, yep, yep...that's my reach the top of the first mountain with my husband by my side on my 50th birthday...and then together we'll tackle the next mountain. we go!


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