Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Play Me A Tune

I keep thinking about the words that Gail Blanke, the Career Coach from AOL Body, talked about when I was out in Chicago at the Blogher Conference last month. She had so much good advice to share...memorable advice that I not only wrote down...but advice that I actually remember and think about...her words had such an impact on me...guess that's what a good coach does...she makes you think about your life and your actions.

One of the actions she said to think about was my song. She said that no army goes into battle without a theme winning team goes to play without a theme song to rouse them and get them fired up.

The other day I started writing down songs...started to think about what my theme song should very own theme song that I should I climb my I face I charge ahead with my 50+ I take risks.

Quite a few songs came to mind...songs that have been on my favorites list during the past several years...songs that resonate...that pump me up. Since I'm not a very good singer...once I do pick my theme song...I'm going to have to practice and practice and learn all the words...because Gail says that when you do pick your theme song you must sing it...and sing it loud.

So what should my song that I'm turning 50 I especially need a theme song...and once I select my theme song I will have to play it and sing it everyday leading up to my big birthday...let's see...what is on my list:

- I Am Woman (it still gets me going whenever I hear this song...where has Helen Reddy gone anyway?)
- Nothing's Going to Stop Me Now (rev up those engines...I'm charging ahead)
- Don't Stop Believing (okay...I got this one from the last episode of the Sopranos...but I just forgot about Journey and since that last episode...that memorable series finale...I cannot get that song out of my head)
- Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow (Fleetwood Mac has so many great songs, but this one has always motivated me to do exactly what the title says..."think about tomorrow")
- I am Changing (This is the song from go are all star performers...I have this song on my CD and often play it on my way to work)
- The Best (A Tina Turner classic...makes me stand up and shout out the chorus every time I hear it)

There are probably dozens more songs in my repetoire...I just can't remember their titles or who sings I will have to wait until I hear the songs on the radio and go to iTunes...or have my son or daughter go to iTunes...and download the songs onto my iPod...then I'll have to practice the tunes...and see which ones I can sing the best.

Good thing I have several months to go before my 50th birthday...before I have to sing my theme song..."simply the best...better than all the rest...better than anyone...anyone...anyone...anyone...anyone"...uh oh...I forgot the rest...where did my iPod is in the more music for this evening...don't want to sound like a broken record...maybe I should get a karaoke machine for my 50th birthday!


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flora said...

I just ran across the announcement you mailed when you started your blog, and today was the first time I visited. What a great way to chronicle your middle years. I learned so much about how you and your family are doing. So sorry to hear about your husband's problems, but I loved your paean to New York--I started out there too. Great writing and thoughts! Thanks for sharing!