Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Vision with A View

I was thinking today about the coaching session I attended at the Blogher conference. It was hosted by AOL Body...not sure about this site...but may have to check it out sometime...anyway...I attended a luncheon hosted by Gail Blanke, a business and career coach...she was so inspiring...I wish she was my personal coach...maybe I should think about getting a personal coach...maybe before I turn 50...then my personal coach can help guide me to make the right choices in my 50+ years and maybe become more of a risk-taker.

Her coaching session was really, really good...inspiring...very inspiring...made me think about my life...and about my daily actions. As Gail spoke...I was able to put myself into the different situations she spoke felt good...hard...but good...

- Gail talked about having confidence...about walking into a room and introducing yourself with a starter phrase such as..."I'm the one who..." I've been thinking about that one little sentence for a few days now...I keep asking myself to answer that question...or finish the sentence...only every time I start to fill in the end of the sentence...I can't decide..."I'm the one who is going through some bad times, but trying to be strong"....yep, nope..."I'm the one who is a pretty good writer who hopes to turn her blog into a book"...yep, nope..."I'm the one who is creative, can multi-task, and juggle, walk the tightrope...yep, yep..."Oh, yes...and I'm the one who is turning 50 in a few months...yep, yep, yep. (feels weird saying only a few that it is August I am officially closer to 50 than I am to 49).

- Gail talked about creating a vision of how good it could be..."how good can you make it," she challenged us...she said her vision is running on the beach, laughing, feeling good with her grandchildren.

What's your vision?" she asked us. Let's see...I'm thinking...I'm, ummmmm, vision is divided...I see myself on a beach in California relaxing on a sunny porch at my summer home in Laguana overlooking the ocean enjoying a glass of Pinot feet are elevated...the air is clear...and I'm reading an absolutely fabulous piece of chick lit that I cannot put husband is cooking one of his fantastic salmon entrees with risotto and my kids stop by to enjoy the view...(I could go on and on "how good can you make it," Gail said...this sounds pretty darn good to me..and that is just my summer vision.)

Let's see about my fall fall/winter vision includes a studio...or a one bedroom apartment in NYC...with a view of Central Park...maybe running in Central Park on a crisp fall day (running in my favorite outfit that I bought at the Lucy store...just love that name...and love the store too...even if I don't have time to exercise anymore...I still love my Lucy exercise clothes...and my vision includes exercising so I know I will eventually wear my Lucy exercise clothes sometime in the future)...going to a Metropolitan Museum Costume exhibit...or maybe the gala opening event with Anna Wintour...wearing a long gown...a long Armani gown(always wanted to go someplace formal like in the society pages of the New York Times or at the Golden Globes or Oscars.)

This vision exercise is quite exciting...I like this...I like this...who cares if it doesn't come's as good as it gets...Gail said we should build our castle and not hold back...I'm not holding's fun creating a vision with a view.

As for this short-term vision is to put on my pjs, brush my teeth and wash my face...put on my Estee Lauder Future Perfect cream (maybe I don't need this my vision for the future does not include any wrinkles)...take a Lunesta...and have a wonderful, relaxing, restful sleep...and tomorrow...tomorrow I'll think about the other exercises Gail talked about...she had some other exercises for me...can't do them all at once...tomorrow I might just try the one about "letting go"...yes...tomorrow or the next day or the day after that I'll start the exercise on "letting go" might be a little tough for me...but I'm up to the challenge.



justcate said...

Read your blog and I can relate to what you're going thru. But we just gotta continually psych ourselves to be strong and positive. Cheers from across the globe....

Adorable said...

Hi Judi,

We sat next to each other at lunch the first day. I'm just getting a chance to follow-up from BlogHer.

Hope you made it home OK. I made it back to Boston and Philadelphia without any problems.