Saturday, December 8, 2007

One in 3 Million

It's December month to go until I turn 5-0.

I was researching the Census data today and trying to find out exactly how many of my fellow "turning fifty in 2008-ites" there were out there...from my readings...not exactly sure that I was reading the chart correctly...but to 49 year old looks like I am going to be joined by approximately 3 million other 1958ers who turn 50 next year...and that includes some pretty hip and cool people...according to my husband's AARP magazine (of which I will soon have my own copy)...I am in the company of some pretty hip and cool people turning 50...people like:

- of my idols...but I didn't need AARP to tell me about Madonna's birthday...I am so hip and cool I already knew about it...I'm already planning to attend her birthday concert on August 16th in Central Park...that will be on the list for my summer celebrations during my fiftieth year.

- Ellen DeGeneres...Ellen D. is so much fun...wish I could watch her show more often...I wrote her a note and told her to invite me to her on-air birthday party on January 26th...not sure she will read my note...especially if I am one of 3 million people turning 50 the same year as she is...why will she care about inviting ME to HER birthday party...maybe I should invite HER to MY birthday party instead!

- Sharon Stone...Sharon is turning 50 on March 10th...I didn't know she was the same age as me...I remember when she wore a Gap teeshirt to the Oscars...what year was that...according to AARP magazine, Sharon likes dark chocolate...I like dark chocolate too...wonder if I eat more dark chocolate if I will retain a figure like Sharon Stone.

- Michelle Pfeiffer...Michelle looked pretty good in the "HairSpray" movie this year...however, she did play a mom...not like her sexy character from many years ago in "The Baker Boys."

- Prince...Prince is turning 50???...he will always look like a kid to me...Purple Rain...Purple Rain...that may have to become my song for my fiftieth year...(I may have to dress in purple...I used to wear more purple...but it isn't really one of my best colors...but maybe my skintone is changing now that I'm getting older...maybe I can wear purple more often...will have to check out some purple sweaters and see if they look good with my 50 year old skintone).

Madonna, Ellen, Sharon, Michelle, and Prince...not too bad a group to be turning 50 with...some pretty talented people were born in 1958...3 million of us...there's going to be a whole lot of candles to blow out in 2008.



Rhea said...

And me! I turn 50 in June!

Anonymous said...

Judi, And, as of today, Donny Osmond is 50! And they call it puppy love... :) -LR

KL said...

50 is the new 30 you know. And 30 is the new 20. So really, you guys are practically teenagers! (And I'm right behind you!)