Saturday, September 8, 2007

Come September

It's September 8th...could not let the 8th pass by without recording something...after is four months and counting from today that I turn 50...where did the other eight months is it the Fall already...I do like the Fall...there are always new beginnings in the Fall...I like new beginnings...even if it is not technically Fall on the calendar for a few more is Fall to me...once Labor Day Weekend has passed and the school buses are on the road again...I think about the Fall...

- Not that I am starting any would be nice to take some classes...I'd like to become a personal coach some day and take classes to learn how to become a coach...I've also always wanted to take a fabric draping class at The Moore College of Art (to learn how to drape fabrics...for the future...when I start sewing again)...maybe next year...although...actually I am starting classes...I'm starting the 12th grade...I do always feel like I experience school with my son...that's because I worry about all the work he has...especially when I read all the class syllabuses the evening of the first day of school...I don't remember ever receiving any class syllabuses when I went to school...things are different they need to stress the kids out starting the first day of school...and stress the parents out as well so we know what we have to look forward to all year long...I can tell I am not going to like 12th grade...just too stressful...however I noticed I will be reading Hamlet and Macbeth...I do like Shakespeare..."To Be Or Not To Be...that is the Question."

I know it isn't truly the Fall is still Summer for a few more months...but once school is in session I always think Fall...I enjoyed seeing all the kids walking to school the other day...walking with their big back-packs on their backs...step by step...just like I did 40+ years ago...when I walked in my new Buster-Brown Mary Janes to school and back home buses for me...we walked...I loved when my mom took me to buy my new school shoes...I couldn't wait to wear them on the first day.

- Fall fashions are all over the paper and magazines...I did read the 800+ page September issue of Vogue...and the hundreds of pages of the September issue of In Style...and the Fashions of the Times magazine...and the Philadelphia Inquirer special Fall Fashion supplement...just love to keep up with the Fall fashions...not sure what Fall fashions I will be able to wear...those new Fall 2007 Mary Janes are not like the ones I bought in the 1960s...the heels are too high for my 49 year old feet...but it is nice to see that patent leather is in style...just love patent leather shoes!)

- Fall makeup and nail polish - had to buy some of the new Russian shades of OPI nail polish...can't wait to put on my new nail colors for burgundy colors are my favorites...will have to catch up on the popular makeup colors for Fall 2007 too...will my 49 year old face be able to adjust to the new Fall colors...we will see...can I still get away with wearing MAC makeup for my 49th Fall...or should I start to make the switch now to a more mature makeup line like Estee Lauder or Elizabeth Arden...maybe I will just have to fall in step and have a Fall makeover...ooh la la.

- There are more new beginnings in the Fall...all the new Fall televisions shows will be starting soon...the Emmy Awards are in the Fall and the MTV Video Music Awards are in September (love those awards to watch all the celebrities and see what they are wearing...even after all these years...I'm still a celebrity junkie).

- And my hubby is moving in the Fall...he is moving to his next phase of his rehabilitation.(My Soulmate - June 17) a long-term care facility that will help him on his road to recovery...his journey to "get better" so he can give me all the hugs he owes me...hopefully in the Fall...not the Winter...that's too long to wait...I need a hug before my 50th birthday...four months from today...that's the goal post...and I'll be waiting...come September...come November...come's Fall and I'll be waiting.


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Smayzie said...

I always love the fall, too. The leaves dropping and things cooling off makes me feel fresh and new.

I hope your husband gets well very soon and that you can spend the holidays happily with your soulmate. I'll be thinking of you. :)